Shopping in Mysore is a wholesome undertaking as the city is home to various eminent shopping markets flooding with sandalwood, fabulous silk saris, rosewood articles and stone cut statues. So in the event that you are a shopaholic, then you’ll essentially fall head over heels in love with Mysore. Here you can buy things directly from the main source, which guarantees authenticity and pretty genuine prices.

A Traveller's Guide To The Best Things To Buy from Mysore

Before being excessively energized and making your shopping list, book a Bangalore to Mysore flight to not wind up being disillusioned at last. Till then, take a look at what everything you can lay your hands on while in Mysore.

Mysore Silk

While in Mysore, you can visit the main silk industry to see how it’s made and buy it yourself immediately. It’s the most acclaimed sort of silk sold in India and conceivably all through the world. There is genuine gold spun into it. So if a Mysore Silk Saree isn’t within your budget, then you can even purchase a little scarf, which start at a price range of Rs. 1000.


Sandalwood is a sweet smelling wood of the Sandal tree which is by any chance nowhere comparable to the various other sweet-smelling woods, and holds its smell for quite a while. The wood is used to make major essential oils which are further used in making various other things, for example, incense sticks, oil, scents, talcum powder, body wash, hand wash, etc. The Sandalwood oil is used for remedial purposes, and moreover, as a sterile and in Aromatherapy. The acclaimed Mysore Sandal Soap has been named after the fragrant Sandal found here.

Fragrances and Essential Oils

Ever thought how fragrances are made? It’s an endeavor of mixing distinctive smells, and men in this business in Mysore excel greatly at this. With time, they have aced this craftsmanship and can without a lot of a stretch reproduce the most acclaimed general aromas. The best part is that they offer them at respectably low prices in the markets. The vital oils have a strong scent and you can apply it on a cotton ball and add that to the backs of your storeroom or in your closet to add freshness to your dress!

Works of Art and Handicrafts

Mysore is also famous for its handicrafts, out of which the larger part are wood based. Before ivory was banned, the city was known for the ivory trim work and created works. There is a lot of stuff to buy apart from the main Mysore silk. A few souvenirs to purchase are: ottomans, teapots, idols of gods and goddesses, adornments’ cases, furniture, and so forth.

Incense Sticks

Mysore is home to the mainstream Agarbattis or incense sticks of different combinations which are lit in the midst of the morning and night supplication to God or pooja timings. These incense sticks are made like the age-old times, by little and far reaching makers using locally open aromas like jasmine and sandalwood. So get your most loved aroma of incense sticks and each time you smolder one, you will recall your recollections of Mysore.