There are certain traits that a person should possess in order to successful in the cutthroat legal profession. All clients seek individuals with an in-depth and thorough knowledge of various aspects of the law and intricate legal procedures. Such individuals should also have outstanding communication skills. A good attorney should be able to make effective arguments to convince the judge and jury without being confrontational.  They must also possess good listening skills to able them to analyze what their clients tell them and follow complex testimonies. The ability to think critically to helps them to spot faults in the chain of logic in the reasoning presented by their opposition parties and weaknesses in their own argument. They also need adequate analytical skills to organize, analyze and evaluate the information presented to them in a logical manner.

Most people will tell you that finding an attorney with all the attributes stated above is a tall order and almost impossible. However, there is one attorney from New York, who is a shining example for what an ideal attorney should be. His name is Anthony Coluzzi. This venerable attorney has been in the legal profession for the last two decades. Although he specializes in personal injury, debt collection and real estate, he has a proficiency in other aspects of the law. He is well- known in the legal circuit for his communication skills in the courtroom. His effective arguments have never failed to convince the jury and judge and he is always quick to spot faults in his opponent’s reasoning.

When clients meet Anthony Coluzzi attorney for the first time, they get quite impressed with his friendly yet professional nature. He gives all his clients a patient hearing so that he can assimilate the essential facts of the case and present the same in a concise and succinct manner. He always believes that any attorney-client relationship should be candid, frank, impartial and honest. When interacting with Anthony Coluzzi, most clients are impressed with his high moral standards and professional integrity. He understands what it is like to be embroiled in a contentious and expensive litigation case. Protecting the rights of his clients in any lawsuit is more important to him than monetary considerations.

Anthony Coluzzi and his exemplary interpersonal skills help him to analyze every client who comes to him with their case. This helps him to formulate an effective legal strategy when it comes to defending his clients’ rights in any lawsuit. At any point of time during the case, if he feels that the client cannot apprehend certain legal terms or technicalities of his case, he will make it a point to explain the same. It also helps him to choose the best course of action for his client in the case.

Apart being a venerable and respected attorney, he is also a passionate animal lover. When he is not defending his clients in court, he will find him protect the rights of these helpless creatures and making sure that no injustice occurs to them!