So, you are planning to move? You may know it by now about the difficulties involved in the process. Without beating around the bush with a lengthy intro, let’s unveil the 7 secrets as promised.

  1. Consider only professional movers who are licensed and insured.
  2. Get as much referrals as possible from friends and online resources about the quality of the providers.
  3. Investigate your movers through the US Department of Transportation and you can also refer to portals like
  4. At least consider and compare 3 to 4 movers based on your moving estimate and budget.
  5. Price shouldn’t be the only factor, extremely low bids may end up in desperate scenes.
  6. Ask for written all-inclusive estimates.
  7. Avoid the rogue movers.

Now let’s discuss a few essentials in detail.

All your research should be focused on hiring the best mover that not only offers the best service, but also offers their assistance at a reasonable price. There are many movers Herndon VA providers that claim to offer the best services. These businesses also usually have websites with plenty of information, offers, and testimonials. For you, a little extra time spent on researching on the potential movers can help ensure a hassle-free and successful move.

Getting started with referrals

Getting referrals is obviously the best way whenever you look to hire any service. To identify the top movers, you can use Yellow Pages and other online directories. Along with that, just check it out with people in your circle as to whether they know any good providers whom they have hired in the past. At least you will know about those you have to avoid with this referral check effort.

License of the removalist

Moving is an important affair, which has certain regulations and legislation as per Federal, state, and local laws. As per the Federal rules, a moving service provider allowed to carry goods across the states needs to be licensed by Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT doesn’t regulate local movers to cross the state lines.

The laws may vary at state level too. You need to check the Virginia State specifications on confirming the license of Movers Herndon VA. You also need to make sure that the licenses are not past due for renewal. It is also essential that you check whether the movers are bonded and insured. It is also advisable to check the financial stability and legitimacy of the providers to feel assured.

As mentioned in the tips, comparing becomes important when you get a few numbers of good referrals in Movers Herndon VA. Along with their quotes, also consider:

  • Years of experience
  • Time quoted for removal
  • Storage facilities
  • Vehicles used for transportation
  • Qualification of the packing and removal professionals etc.

You can do a side-by-side comparison of at least 3 to 4 providers to identify who will best match to your requirements within your budget. If your purpose is something like an office shifting or industrial removal, a general home removalist may not be ideal for the task.

If there are other special requirements such as moving a piano or musical instrument, you need to inquire about their special services too to take care of these needs. This is also important in case of removal of pets or other live animals.