If you spend a large portion of your time surfing the web, you’ll probably have noticed that blogs and bloggers have an increasingly prominent presence across the internet.

From travel to technology and cookery to business, there are blogs out there covering pretty much every topic that you can think of.

So if seeing the work of others has inspired you to create your own blog, here are seven of the essential factors to consider if you want to produce the perfect post every time.

1. Topic

The first thing that you’ll need to consider before sitting down to write a blog post is of course the topic.

Ideally, you should always write about an area in which you have some form of expertise or experience, especially if you’re writing for your own personal blog.

7 Essential Factors To Consider When Creating The Perfect Blog Post
WordPress is a popular site for people publishing their own blogs

2. Word Count

If you are writing about a topic that you’re passionate about, keeping the word count down could be a challenge.

However, people’s attention spans are short especially when it comes to reading articles on the web, so try to keep your sentences short and snappy and make every paragraph relevant.

A word count of around 600 is ideal as it’s long enough to give your readers fairly in depth information without causing them to drift off.

3. Images

Images don’t just tell a thousand words, they also help to grab readers’ attention, illustrate points and make an article look more professional.

Therefore no blog piece should be posted without a couple of images to back up your words. However, try to ensure that you get your images from a royalty free source and always check that it’s free of copyrights otherwise you could get into trouble.

4. Language

Search through a few blogs on the web and you’re guaranteed to find a good few examples of poor quality writing and bad use of the English language.

And though some people may not be overly worried by this, if you want to produce a quality blog for a quality site, you need to ensure that your writing is pretty much perfect and free from the kind of errors that should have been drilled out of your at school.

5. Placement

If you are posting the blog to your own site, you’ll naturally place it on the first page and promote it through your social media profiles to ensure as many people read it as possible.

However, if you’re writing a guest post for another site and your name is being posted with it, it’s important to ensure that the destination site is good quality, especially if a link is being included to your personal blog.

6. Originality

Although some blog posts will cover ground that has already been widely discussed, if you want to give your readers something really interesting, you need to try and make your posts as original and as unique as possible.

Again, ideally this should come from your own personal expertise, but if not, just try searching the web when you come up with a title to ensure that no one else has written exactly the same thing before.

7. Personality

For a truly great blog post, you need to inject a little bit of your personality into your writing style. The Voodoo SEO Agency of Manchester specialise in such posts and companies like this can be contacted for external support / advice.

No matter what the topic, humour is always welcome, although try not to go overboard as this can become tiresome for the reader.

Once you’ve come up with your own distinctive style, try to stick with it. Consistency will help you to establish yourself in the tough world of online blogging.

Writing the perfect blog post isn’t an exact science, and much will depend on your ability and expertise. However by following a few simple guidelines you can create a well crafted post that your readers will enjoy and you can be proud of.