We all would like to always remain younger for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately the same way anything like cloth gets old, we also automatically age. As most people age they tend to grow weaker and in most case they lack the energy to do those involving exercises.

Exercise assists in slowing down aging and also helps to keep the body fit hence your bones remain strong and energetic. I understand that as you grow old you may not be able to do the straining exercises and that is why I have for you the simple 2-minute habit that could keep your body fit.

Make Your Day Active

With technology, the world has changed positively but has made most people lazy when it comes to doing physical exercise. Things like elevators are very good at enabling people reach at the highest floors faster. I would like you to make it and habit for you to use stairs to the 2nd floor on daily basis whether you are going there or the floors above there. It will only take you about 2 minutes to cover the two floors. With this repeated everyday it becomes and habit and I can promise you that, this habit will help you keep fit without spending hours in the gym.

Activate your leisure time

Most of us always like watching movies during their leisure time. This makes us busy sitting and staring at the display screen the all time. After two hours of continuous sitting, you find it so hard to rise from your sit; this is probably one of the signs and symptoms of joint pain. To avoid all this and always keep fit, watch those involving things like ball games that after sitting for less than one hour, you jump as you celebrate goals scored. In addition, you can also play those computer games that are very involving to keep you on the move every 2 minutes. If you make this your habit; you will be sure to remain fit without struggle.

Avoid warming your office sit the all day

Most of us have different kinds of jobs; engineers do most of their jobs standing, doctors also at least stand as they treat the patients but there are those jobs like administration and managerial that will always keep you on your sit. Most of us think managerial and administration jobs are making them bosses but it is even doing more injustice to you. I am not saying you avoid doing those jobs, my point is as you are in your office make it an habit to stand  for 2 minutes after one hour of sitting and stretch your body. You can always do this without anyone noticing but in the long run you will have added yourself more days to remain fit.

Go slow on snacks

Snacks are a one minute or two minute edible substance that before you realize, makes your body shapeless and physically unfit. It only takes two minutes of you hour to make yourself unfit. Similarly, it can only take that same two minutes to get back to your original healthy body. Eating snacks everyday is a habit that you created; therefore I want you to replace that habit with taking fruits. Every time you have the urge of taking snacks, take fruit.  Under normal circumstance that will grow to a good habit that will remain healthy and physically fit.

Eat for your health

Eating something continuously make it a habit.  It only takes your 2 minutes to decide to eat healthy food free of too much calories fit to keeping you strong and healthy. It helps erase any signs and symptoms of joint pain. A habit of eating healthy food will cost you nothing but only two minutes of your time to decide.


Having strong and physically fit body, doesn’t have to take most of your time. 2-minutes habit is all you need. This will definitely make you fit and strong even at your old age. I would like to suggest every old age individual to follow this for your lifestyle fitness. For More Information About Health & Fitness, Visit Our Blog Ehealth Spider.