Affiliates United offers its partners a chance to cash in on the vast market available online. With excellent marketing tools to lure in potential customers and innovative technology to keep them coming, William Hill’s Affiliate United programme is the best path into the lucrative affiliate world.

With ingenious utilization of ground breaking technology, the William Hill Affiliate Program offers partners a chance maximize earnings with a wide array of market leading Bingo and Poker rooms, Casinos and Mobile gambling. In addition, the William Hill sports betting sites offer endless opportunities for members of Affiliates United, with technological innovation serving to promote conversion and retention rates of players and betters.

In terms of technological advances, the William Hill Affiliate Program offers a selection of mobile applications for a range of mobile devices. The Affiliate Network System allows for advanced options, such as tracking information and earnings in an easy and simple manner.

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With over 600,000 downloads in the Apple App Store,AFFUTD’s Mobile products were shortlisted for eGR Mobile product of the year and the company was named Mobile Operator of the year at the IGA awards. Affiliates United has also been named Best Affiliate Programme in the Casino realm at iGB.

As the affiliate market grows ever larger and more appealing, the available range of tools continues to grow. But while some companies are still relatively unknown and not yet established, Affiliates United has become one of the strongest players online. Their ground breaking technology allows partners to get right into the game, saving time and offering the chance to stay ahead of the game and make real profits immediately.

Revenue sharing withthe William Hill affiliate program is generous and straightforward. Based on new player numbers in every month, the cumulative model extends to all products and platforms. As the players start rolling in, so do the profits, allowing affiliates to maximize revenues and earnings and save the extended waiting period of some programmes. For Poker games, the gross revenue share model is based on rake and tournament fees.

William Hill also offers CPA (cost per acquisition) and 10-tier programmes, allowing affiliates to cash in on player acquisitions or their own sub-affiliate earnings. With personalized account managers, affiliates can also craft a revenue structure according to their needs.

AFFUTD offers innovative tools to monitor user activity and creative solutions to bugs and problems. With a leading customer care department, Affiliates United continuously maintains user satisfaction, resolving issues and keeping players constantly in the game. This means that affiliates earnings are never interrupted, as customer service representatives are available 24/7. This service extends to all AFFUTD platforms- on the Mobile and website Casinos, Bingo and Poker rooms and Mobile gambling apps.