One of the most common cliches when it comes to personal finances is to say that renting is equivalent to throwing money away. However, sometimes renting a house or apartment can be a good decision for your pocket.

  1. You just Move in with your Partner

You’ve decided to take the next big step in your relationship: live together. If none of them had their own homes, renting is definitely the best option. It may sound unromantic, but one things is that everyone is at home, and quite another to live together all the time; if things work out, then the next decision is to buy your own love nest … or marry.

  1. Still Studying

Whether you’re doing a degree and for different reasons no longer live with your parents, or you have started a postgraduate course, the truth is you do not have one hundred percent clear what will happen in the immediate future. Moreover, due to the limitations of your time and budget to acquire the commitment to buy a house cannot be within your budget.

  1. Your Job Requires Constant Mobility

You may need your work that you are constantly moving from city to city and even from country to country. Buying a house or apartment can definitely introduce several difficulties to change residence, as sell your property when you do not live in the place that is located can be problematic. Rent in this type of situation is appropriate.

  1. Looking Flexibility to Move

When you’re still not sure of living in city determined cologne or perhaps most suitable for you is to rent. Either because your income has not been constant recently, or do you know the area where you live before you moved, renting gives you the flexibility that if your income changes or you’re not comfortable with the house, you can move.

  1. Want to Forget Other Expenses

When buying a house or an apartment, you must not only worry about paying the mortgage or real estate loans. There is also the issue of taxes, utilities and maintenance, which will run on your own. But when you rent a house you need only worry about keeping it in good condition; the rest is the owner’s responsibility.

  1. You need to Save

If you have not gathered the money for the down payment or the first payment on a house or apartment, or still have several outstanding debts, perhaps suits you rent. The difference between what you would pay on a mortgage or real estate loans for the payment of income is the amount you can save to eventually be able to make the first payment or pay off your debts and be the subject of a loan.