Finding the right lawyer that suits your requirements is really important when looking for a firm who will investigate a personal injury claim on your behalf. Understanding your rights and what compensation you may be entitled to is vital. If you need to recover damages from the responsible party then sourcing someone who can review the case, put a value to the claim, pursue any legal action necessary and negotiate the right settlement for you is paramount. Working with the right solicitor will give you the optimum chance at winning your case and getting the most out of the situation.

So where do you start and what should you look for?

  • Experience

You will need to find a solicitor who knows how to investigate a claim, what to look for and where to find those answers. The right firm should understand what issues such as negligence, statutes of limitation and causation will mean to your case and it’s this experience that will make all of the difference. Ask your solicitor about any similar cases they may have undertaken and what success rate they have had this will help you gauge whether or not they are the right person for your case.

  • The Focus of a Practice

Always consider the areas that a firm focuses on. If they specialise in personal injury and related areas then they will be a practice worth discussing all of your options with. The skill sets that solicitors have vary, it is paramount to make sure personal injury is one of them. They should be able to investigate and evaluate every Minuti detail and put an appropriate value on it. Therefore they will be able to explain to you exactly what the claim is worth and hold your hand through the legal process so you are never left wondering what is happening at every juncture of the investigation. Many personal injury claims are settled before going to court so your solicitor will need to negotiate reasonable and fair settlements and take on board every factor of the claim.

  • Reputation

Does the firm you wish to take on have a good reputation? Do some research and find out about what other people have said and read their website thoroughly. Testimonials or recommendations say a lot about a company. As a client you will be putting yourself in the best position possible, and the defendant will also see that you have employed a reputable lawyer. Ensure that your solicitor will tick all of the boxes needed to settle your claim.

  • Is Your Solicitor Personable?

This may seem unnecessary, but if you have sustained an injury then you will need to talk and discuss every detail of what happened to you. Therefore finding a solicitor who will listen, give you time and have empathy is important. Be totally comfortable with the firms experience and ethics, although you may want a rapid result to your claim, the right solicitor will take the time and step by step approach to get the very best solution for you.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a writer from the south coast who in spare time has developed his artist flare by painting coastal protraits, inspired by his beautiful coastal surroundings.