Lost productivity is an overall strain on a company’s performance. The more time that is spent using outdated procedures, the less work the employees can put out. This translates to an overall decrease in revenue. Instead of just accepting that the technologies in your office are all you have to work with, acknowledge that there are newer alternatives that can reshape the business. These are five technologies that help productivity in the office.

Presentation via Tablets

Instead of firing up a projector any time it’s time to present projects to clients or co-workers, you might find that it could be wise to begin presenting material on tablets. Tablets allow employees to easily present material to others without having to set up or lug around extra equipment. This also provides a fast and easy way to make changes and send updates without having to reprint notes.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is also reshaping productivity in offices across the board. Cloud computing not only allows employees to remotely access files or software from anywhere, but it is also a great way to keep members of a project on the same page at all times. There are many free and commercial options available for bringing the cloud to the office if you’re interested in taking this route with your business.

5 Technologies That Help Productivity In The Office

Conference Software

Additionally, conference software is also making headway in the workforce. Before conference software came about, it was imperative that employees either talk long distance with their clients/co-workers on the phone, or they had to physically travel to another location to attend meetings. Conference software has essentially rendered the need for doing this useless. With conference software, you can video chat with at least one other person. It saves time on commuting, and you never have to leave the office to meet with someone in another geographic location.

Multi-Function Printers

If you are still using outdated printers, fax machines and copiers, it’s time to upgrade. Just switching to a machine that can print and staple at the same time will save you time on your projects. It may not seem like much, but it adds up. For example, you can use an envelope printer rather than having to change the settings on your printer or computer anytime you need to mail something out.

Implement a Messaging System

Messaging systems are beginning to become more popular in the workplace. These types of “chat” systems eliminate the need for employees to continually get up to walk around and speak with other employees or superiors. If one employee is corresponding with another that is across the office on the same project, they can easily chat from their computers without having to cross back and forth between each other’s stations to relay messages.

Work with a Customer Service Company to Improve Customer Relations

Lastly, you might want to consider implementing a customer service company’s services to handle and improve your customer relations. These companies provide software and technology that make it incredibly easy to stay on top of customer support cases and quickly resolve issues. It is definitely something to think about it if you receive a massive amount of customer calls.

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort. Increasing productivity can help you make the most of employee time and take on more clients. Using technology is a great way to improve productivity with little additional effort.