Corporate events are no longer what they used to be a few years ago. As more and more entities join the race to become the leaders in their industry verticals, the need to impress employees, clients and competition with immaculately planned and executed corporate events becomes a necessity. As with any other event, a flawless catering service is paramount.

5 Must Try Enjoyable and Creative Corporate Event Catering Themes

What differentiates corporate events from the rest is its professional nature. While planning for a corporate catering event, you have to be more careful, as you will plan according to the strict standards that relate to any business event. Since your client desires to set standards with their event and impress one and all, it is your responsibility as a caterer, to ensure that their wish is taken care of.

Let us take a look at the five latest corporate catering event themes for the season:

A delectable Southern BBQ

Don’t we all just love Southern food! Carolina style pulled pork, baked Mac-and-Cheese, baked mashed potato, grilled chicken skewers, and many more yums; Southern food is undeniably soul food! Your guests might have their hands dirtied, but will leave with happy bellies and hearts!

The Sweet Scent of a Chocolate Love!

Everybody loves chocolate! White, dark, flavored, with nuts or without, who cares! As long as it is chocolate, I can’t keep my hands off them! A chocolate-themed event is sure to raise your bar of success. You could start with light beverages and sandwiches, and then, surprise surprise, go straight to desserts! There are so many possibilities to this theme- you could have miniature chocolate cheesecakes, cookies with milk, brownie lollipops, chocolate fountain, chocolate rum cakes, the list goes on.

A Rustic and Sophisticated Countryside Affair

How fun would it be to enjoy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables cooked in the country style and served in rustic elegance? Local food themed events are a great way to appreciate a relaxed atmosphere with your guests. It is best for employee get-togethers. Do include some delicious lemongrass chicken, roasted eggplant and a spring kale salad to your menu.

An Energetic Tailgate Party

The mention of our favorite team is enough to spark hour-long debates of what is and what could be! Tailgate themed corporate catering events are your best bet at gaining valuable employee appreciation. This is also a fun, casual and innovative theme. Have casual food like shooters, crostini, etc.

A Summery and Sunny Day Out!

Didn’t we just love those awesome field days at school! I know I did. Let me tell it straight: we would all love to be kids again- even if it is for a day! You could make this wish come true for your employees. Organize a field-day themed event and have your employees show up dressed for a casual affair. Your choice of food could range from anywhere between sliders to veggie platters. You could add enjoyable games like hula hoop contests and water balloon tosses to up the ante on entertainment.

As more and more corporate events happen, and as more corporate event caterers join the game, it becomes crucial to have something unique and exciting to offer to your guests. These are only a few innovative themes that could set you apart. You are sure to impress your guests by integrating these amazing themes in your plans, all you need to do is a few additions and subtractions, and you are good to go!

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