With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn it becomes easy to connect and share information with different individuals. You can communicate with potential customers and professionals within the reach of your computer screen.

With social media dominating the market, hosting conferences and customer events are considered to be an old-fashioned way to promote your brand. The question here is, why efforts should be put in hosting these type of live events.

How Live Events Can Help Grow Businesses

Here is why, Live events carry a sort of a traditional image for product promotion and relation building in an increasingly digital world. What businesses fail to realize is that live events are an effective way to connect with your existing base customers and to meet new potential customers. Events like these strengthen your brand reputation, improve customer relationships and build loyalty. In this post, we will discuss, why you should often host live events and how they can help build your brand reputation.

When you host Live events, you get a chance to have a face to face interaction with your base customers and suppliers. A well-organized event can build loyalty, strengthen your brand, help generate referrals and increase sales. They come with an opportunity to meet with suppliers and customers personally.

How Live Events Can Help Grow Businesses

You should hold a live event keeping in mind all the legal boundaries so that you don’t end up violating any of the legal law even when you have no intentions to do so. In some countries hosting these types of  business events may be misunderstood as an event held for the sole purpose of bribing the customers and dealers who showed up for the event. Make sure that the type of gifts you choose to hand out to the delegates, should not be considered as any form of bribery in your state or region.

Organizing an event is not an easy task, it takes effort, time and good project management skills. There is always a good team behind every successful event. If you are the presenter of the show, you need to arrive hours before the event, so you have some time left on your hands.  You need to look out the setup of the event and ensure that there is not any problem and if there is any try to fix it, think of backup plans if in case anything goes wrong. You have to make sure that you keep the guest engaging, create a graphic representation for the theoretical data. Provide refreshment for the guest, make sure that the session is interesting and interactive. You should ask for feedback, give out questionnaires, surveys or emails.

In today’s day and age, a customer event or conference may seem a bit of an incompetent idea to develop your brand equity or it may not seem worth the time. But because of these events only you can have a loyal customer base, and can keep having potential investors coming in integrating with your business. Just remember to have a clear set goal with your conference. Start with addressing a subject and end it with a conclusion, that way you’ll only have a better turnover for the next time you hold the event.

Personal Branding Consultant : Michelle Villalobos