No serious businessman will disagree on “Customer is king”, a business can never be successful without happy customers. This is age of globalization even the companies who have recognized their brand cannot believe the customers loyalty, they have to improve strategies to make them happy. Product quality can make your customer happy only when they buy it. To make your new customers and to make formers happy is the key element of business success.

Satisfying one customer means bringing ten more, this is universal law of business and still applies. You cannot earn customers by only good slogans, you may make them visit your product once by this but to make them stick with your product you need good relations with them.

Don’t forget to maintain customers’ friendly relation after soaking in today’s success. In market you have many competitors, if they entertain the customers with good attitude, they will win the race. Don’t behave like a hare who slept near the winning point otherwise competitor will win.

Here are some tips to satisfy a customer

Don’t Earn Customers’ Hatred

It is obvious that a businessman jumped into this field to earn money, businessman cannot play a role of social servant. He has to earn money for his needs but it is not right that in seeking big profit you play with customers; emotions it will bring good profit only once and after customers’ hatred. To avoid this hatred earn average profit and maintain long term relation with customer. Business race is just like life” slow and steady wins the race”. Jumping high will make you fall. Your product or services are garbage in your store without customers. Win the customers’ love so that they don’t think to avoid your products.

Keep in Touch with Customers

You need to keep in touch with customers, for this you may create a website, but how many will visit? Use all means of technology to reach your clients. Send them messages on mobiles, fax and email can also be fruitful means.


Answer Your Customer in Time

If your customer mails you or calls you he needs immediate answer. Delay in answer will annoy him and he will switch to other company and you will lose him. Answering person must have full knowledge of company’ policies and products “ change in statement will annoy the customer” hiring a full day staff for this purpose is difficult, you may use Telephone answering services provided by many companies. It will help you to maintain your good relation with vlient on low cost and less tension.

Customer needs Importance

Believe me if you put your customers on your top priority, you will be successful in market. Profit will be earned automatically if you earn a customer. Low quality with high price cannot make customer happy, customer need the best quality in affordable price.

Publicize Your Product but Don’t Tell a Lie

Publicity is important; customers need to know about the product, deduce stylish slogans which are memorable by target audience. In this process of publicity there is no need of telling lie about your product. Customers hate liars. They will buy the product once and then will leave that forever if find difference in quality and statement.

Bio: Jacob works as Customer Service Representative at Anser which is a business support center. He writes about ways to make a customer happy as he believes a business can reach the maximum height of success by gaining happy customers.