It may surprise a lot of people, but chocolate is not the enemy of health as we once thought. Of course, here we are talking about real chocolate, not those milky ones, or those stuffed with sugary and creamy fillings.

Chocolate, in the true sense of the world, means simple dark chocolate, with perhaps a hint of hot pepper or another natural flavor. This is because dark chocolate’s main ingredient is cacao, a superfood bursting with healthy flavonoids and theobromine. Since cacao is unpalatable on its own, little extra is needed to make it that lovely delicious chocolate. With some assignment help UK, we’ve compiled some benefits of eating dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao):

Revealed 6 Little-Known Health Benefits Of Chocolate!

1. Reduced Stress

As we all know that “stressed” is “desserts” when spelled backwards.

Studies have shown that expecting mothers who regularly consume chocolate were more relaxed than those who did not. They were more capable of handling pregnancy stress in general. One study even found that the babies of chocolate-eating mothers seemed happier and smiled more frequently.

This may be because of chocolate’s ability to relieve depressing thoughts. In fact, it may even trigger certain chemicals in the brain that lead to happier thoughts. So the next time something has you stressed, feel free to have a nice bar of dark chocolate and feel the high!

2. Preventing Diabetes

Another surprising benefit, but an inherently logical one. Chocolate contains a lot of flavonoids, which could help control insulin. The insulin levels are what lead to the state of diabetes.

This fact is backed up by studies where participants had to consume a candy bar for around two weeks. They saw their insulin and sugar levels being much more controlled afterward.

3. Protection From Sun Damage

This is yet another amazing upside of consuming chocolate. When one regularly eats chocolates with the high level of flavanols, they can actually prevent sunburn. However, the traditional candy-like chocolate does not have the same benefits. So again, stick to the high levels of cacao when consuming your chocolate.

4. More Intelligence

Here’s another reason to grab a chocolate bar when you have a huge project due. Not only can it help you relax, but actually enhance your mind’s working as well.

This is because consuming chocolate with high levels of cacao causes its flavanols to boost blood flow. More specifically, it increases the activity in a few key parts of the brain. Hence, at least for a few hours after consuming the chocolate, your brain is able to handle a bigger workload and perform better.

In the long term, researchers have found that those who regularly consume rich chocolate do better on cognitive tests. This means that a habit of chocolate eating, with attention to the quality of what you’re consuming, could make you smarter.

5. Alleviates Health Issues Related To Cardiovascular System

Of course, when stress levels go down, other health problems go down with it. Heart failure, with the regular consumption of chocolate, may go down by about a third. The antioxidants in this substance also go towards making one’s veins and arteries more flexible.

6. Weight Loss

Let’s end with the most surprising benefit of all. When you’re trying to lose weight, the cravings for something sweet can be very hard to overcome.

Instead of ignoring them and possibly downing a whole box of donuts, satisfy that sweet tooth with dark chocolate. It’s not only filling but also satisfies cravings for sweet, salty and fatty comfort foods.


While the health benefits of chocolate are many, one should keep in mind that there is still milk and sugar in dark chocolate. As a result, one simply cannot afford to skip out on exercise if they wish to lead a healthy life.  After your workout, reward yourself with a small bar of 70% cacao chocolate. You would soon feel the benefits of combining a healthy workout routine and diet with the power of dark chocolate.

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Scarlett Erin is a certified nutritionist, Dietician, and a Blogger. Her role as a food expert enables her to write articles about the different types of foods and their health value. She is herself a foodie person and likes to indulge in Italian cuisine.