Financial planning is considered to be a challenge and we often postpone it not willing to deal with complex calculations. The technologies simplified a lot of aspects of our daily life and budgeting is not an exception.

In case you have money difficulties, you might want to check North’n’Loans that offers quick and simple financial solutions online. It is also possible to get help with investing, monitoring the income and expenses, saving money or other financial operations just using an app. Here is the list of five best programs that are great for budgeting and financial planning. Choose the one that is perfect for you!

You Need a Budget

The name of the app says it all. Its main goal is to help you with building a budget and money management. You Need a Budget divides your money into categories which make it easier to spend them wisely. You will be in control of every dollar you have. It is possible to create categories for paying bills, food buying, clothes purchases, savings, and everything you need to spend money for.

In case of unexpected expenses, you may create a new section and move funds there from the other segments. When there is overbudgeting, an app will highlight the category in red so you could add there some money and keep the balance.


Mint is a tracking app that is connected to all your accounts and shows the whole picture of your finances. The colorful layout helps to monitor all the transactions. You may also indicate the property you have so that Mint could take it into consideration. The program can help you to improve your financial responsibility through analyzing the habits you have.

In case of unusual charges, you will get the alerts immediately. Because of all these features, Mint became one of the most popular and trustworthy applications. Another advantage is that it is free. The users’ feedbacks also say it is more convenient for those who have a stable salary, not an irregular income.


The main advantage of Quicken is multitasking and a large number of functions. It allows performing all the operations needed to control your finances from building a budget to increasing investments.

There are three available packages Starter Edition, Deluxe, and Premier. Quicken Starter Edition offers to categorize all your transactions, sending notifications about bills, and planning a budget. Quicken Deluxe is focused on debts reducing and savings increasing. Quicken Premier is a good helper in making buying and selling decisions or investment.

Every Dollar

Every Dollar is based on the same principle as YNAB. It has eight main categories: Giving, Transportation, Lifestyle, Food, Housing, Savings, Insurance and Tax, Debts. You can add more fields according to your personal needs. Then you divide your funds into different sections.

The unique feature of this application is seven Baby Steps that set you financial goals like saving an emergency fund or paying off the house. You will see your progress and can also get some tips on reaching the goals.

Personal Capital

This app is good for users who already know how to deal with budgeting and saving and would love to move to another level of financial management. Personal Capital has options for tracking income and expenses but its main function is the help with investments. It offers the analysis of your accounts and gives you recommendation about a good time for selling stock or other actions.

The app also includes retirement planner that monitors your savings. Personal Capital is a good choice for those who want something more than just tracking finances.