If you’ve already implemented virtualization solutions in your organisation, you’ll be reaping the rewards. Improved performance, easier administration and the ability to access data from anywhere: these are just three of the benefits of a virtualized environment.

4 Ways to Make Virtualization More Efficient

After a while, you’ll almost certainly notice further opportunities for improvement as you adapt your virtual infrastructure to better serve your business. Here are four ways you may wish to tweak your virtual infrastructure to maximise operational efficiency.

1. Integrate Existing Hardware

If you haven’t already utilised your existing hardware, why wait? One of the key benefits of virtualization is its ability to utilize ageing equipment that would otherwise be considered underpowered. For example, by virtualizing the desktop, the strain on the client machine is lifted and transferred to the server instead.

2. Introduce BYOD

Employees often find it easier and more enjoyable to work using their own devices, whether that’s a desktop PC, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. A bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy frees up support staff, since most device users will already have a good idea of how their device functions, so the need for training and support is reduced. Additionally, the business need not invest heavily in pool devices that then need to be rationed, serviced and repaired periodically.

3. Add Automation

Virtualization doesn’t just take the strain off your client computers; it also reduces pressure on system administrators. Provisioning can be automated in a virtual environment, removing the need for manual intervention and ensuring every single deployment is complete and accurate. This kind of automation also helps to speed up response to service requests and incidents. Read more about automated provisioning here.

4. Reduce Energy

Demand for power is skyrocketing, and data centres are some of the biggest culprits. Something needs to be done. Virtualization allows your employees and stakeholders to achieve more with exactly the same equipment, and you may find that you use fewer servers than you did before. If that’s the case, you could save money – and go green – by decommissioning unnecessary equipment until your business grows. It’s more energy efficient. Running fewer servers reduces the need for cooling, too.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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