No matter if you are getting ready for a speech competition in your college, inculcating things in your mind for annual exams or simply trying to memorize important facts, this may not really be easy for you because when you are already flooded with unlimited flow of information in your everyday life, you can’t find it easy to bear additional information, however, if you try some useful techniques, things may get better for you.

Technique # 1: Data Repetition

Remember that a powerful memory can be achieved with repetition and if you repeat something more frequently, you can repeat it more easily. Some students are under the impression that repeating important lessons just few times before their final exams will be enough to recall stuffed information but this is not possible because you really need to spend a lot of time to create solid space for necessary information in dark parts of your memory.

Repetition technique works effectively only when you try it once and then take a break before you again try it. This is a three step process in which you repeat things, take some rest and come back to read again. This is a proven technique and a huge number of people are agreed that it really worked for them. It simply means you should have enough time to be benefited with this process and if you try it just few days before your exams or speech, you may not be able to get satisfactory results, however, you can still give it a try.

Technique # 2: Memory Pool

Those who are trying to improve their short term memory can be greatly benefited with memory pool technique which is considered to be a truly effective tool. It is commonly believed that short term human memory can’t hold more than five pieces of information at the same time and if you need to do this, we have to organize data in such a way that it becomes a single piece of information. For instance, if you want to inculcate a phone number that contains ten digits, you have to look each one of them separately but if you organize all those digits in a group, it will be much easier for you to memorize it.

Technique # 3: Use of Acronyms

Use of acronyms is also a very popular recalling method in which you can combine similar data into groups and lists. You might have ever read about RGBIV which is an acronym used to inculcate variety of rainbow colors in mind. RGBIV stands for red, green, blue, indigo and violet and the main idea is to memorize only first letter of each item. In this way, you don’t have to memorize an entire list of words but just an acronym can let you recall what’s included in the list. There are a large number of acronyms which are commonly used by the people without knowing that these are actually group of individual words.

Technique # 4: Association with Solid Elements

Association is another effective memory recalling technique in which you can keep something in your mind that is quite familiar to the word or group of words you are trying to inculcate such as a song or a photograph. The information that you need to memorize can be associated with a particular element which will help you recall the information that is stored in your mind.

Final Words

No matter if you are a professional or a student, you must remember and recall a lot of information and if you find it difficult, you must try above described techniques to improve your overall performance in everything you do. Once your memory recalling strength increased, you can realize how important it is for you to make yourself a better student as well as a professional.

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