3 Awesome Ways to Spice Up Your DataAnalyzing data correctly can lead to a lot of really interesting facts and figures being uncovered. Naturally, after finding a bunch of interesting facts from a dataset you will want to show what you have found to others. However, doing this effectively and making the things that you have found seem interesting and appealing to others can often prove to be quite tricky. This is because for most people raw numbers and charts are seen to be incredibly boring. As soon as a dull black and white presentation is rolled out that only contains numbers and the odd written statement – people are going to lose interest. Fact. So how do you spice up your data so that it interests others? Read on to find out some awesome suggestions.


Prezi is an amazing piece of cloud-based presentation software that allows users to present their ideas and findings on a virtual canvas. It’s perfect for displaying facts, figures, charts and graphs in a visually appealing manner as it is packed with loads of useful features. For example with Prezi you can easily zoom in on certain facts or statistics that you want to highlight from you data and then zoom out again in order to display the bigger picture. All in all Prezi allows you to create dynamic presentations in a visually appealing way making it great for displaying data that may otherwise come across as boring and uninteresting.


Infographics are a well-known, tried and tested, way of spicing up data. Nearly all infographics contain facts and figures and they present them in a way that makes the topic they are discussing fascinating and engaging to their audience. The great thing about using infographics to spice up the data you have is that there a number of different types of infographic that you can choose from. For example you could opt for the classic static infographic, which is just a single image packed with content, or you could spice up your data even more by choosing interactive infographics. Whatever type of infographic you choose they are a definite way to spice up your data.

Microsoft Pivot

Microsoft Pivot is another great tool for spicing up data. The reason why Microsoft Pivot is such a great choice is because it makes it incredibly easy for users to search and interact with large amounts of data. A bit like Prezi, it allows users to zoom in and out of the data, meaning that certain facts and trends can be highlighted and shown in a very visually pleasing way. It also makes it extremely simple for users to cut and filter the data so that trends can be seen that would otherwise be invisible. If you want to see this tool in action then you should watch this TED talk.

Spice It Up

Using any of these tools will allow to spice your data up and present it in a way that others will appreciate and understand. They’re all pretty easy to use/make so as long as your facts are interesting you shouldn’t have any problems with getting people to love your data!