Are you facing problem in surfing your favorite site? Is your site taking a lot of time in loading? You may visit some of these sites mentioned below to run a speed check test for your broadband connection speed. Slow speed and defective internet broadband connection may prove to be stressful many times.  It helps you in getting an efficient internet connection at your budget.

This is one of the best sites to get your broadband speed checked. To start the speed test, you need to click on the big center button in the page. The speed check starts by downloading a file and then measures your broadband connection speed. As soon as the download speed test is finished, the speed test will try uploading a file which will help in measuring even the uploading speed of your internet connection. To get accurate results with minute precision, it is advised not to use your internet connection for any other purpose while the test is going on.

This site serves the purpose of internet speed check in addition to bandwidth test for your broadband connection. You may test your downloading speed as well as your uploading speed by this site. Your broadband connection, whether it is the broadband, ADSL, ADSL2+, ADSL2, wireless, satellite or cable will give its speed test with precise accuracy with this site. This site recommends using the optus speed test mirror for the purpose.

The site Speedtester.netlets you check your internet speed accurately.It is by far one of the most used and advanced speed test web application on the Internet. You may have DSL/broadband/ cable connection, it works wonders with all of these. You may also measure your bandwidth accurately with this. This site performs speed test at different times during the day to get the best speed check results for your internet connection. This speed test may also work as a tool to detect the defect in your broadband link.

This site gives you an option for upload speed test, download speed test and automatic speed test under different sections. You may check your download bandwidth speed of your broadband internet connection. The site ensures accurate results by having large tests with random data and prohibits any third party application. The option under the automatic speed test provides you a very easy way to analyze what you are getting in exchange for what you are paying.

The speed test on is designed with the HTML 5 technology. This allows you to perform speed tests on variety of devices without being bothered about installing flash device. This site provides you with an option of checking your broadband speed check on your laptop, desktop, tablet and on any other mobile device as well without having any other app downloaded for particular device.

It also has an option of checking your downloading as well as uploading speeds separately. It has been designed in such a way that you can perform your speed check process from the fastest server located closest to your location.

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