Like an opening act for a play, the telegraph, telephone, and radio all took a part in introducing the World Wide Internet. The Internet had no problem taking over and crashing many predictions about whether or not it would be successful. It has no boundaries and pays no attention to international limits or geographic locations. Instantly you are connected to scores of businesses and people all over the world.

With its origins dating back almost 50 years ago, J.C.R. Licklider at MIT recorded the first description of the communications that could be performed through networking. Between him and a host of other individuals with brilliant forward thinking, the idea of the internet was conceived.

The first email made its appearance back in the early 1970’s as a way for the developers to communicate with one another. By the mid-1980’s the internet was being used by various developers and researchers as well as being tried out by many computer businesses. It finally was given a name in October 1995.

The internet became a vital part of today’s economy. Many companies regard it as a critical part of their daily activities. Individuals rely on it for their communication to the outside world. Bills may be paid, homework research accomplished, books read, Christmas shopping accomplished, music downloaded and personal relationships established through their access to the internet.

Although it may not seem so, the internet has changed greatly in the last 2 decades since its birth. Through file sharing, remote login, resource sharing and electronic mail, it has definitely kept up with the fast-paced computer industry. Expect nothing else through the future.