Modern cars use lots of new technologies which enhances their comfort and safety levels. Because of the competition the car makers introduce new technologies while updating the existing models or while launching new models. These new features first appear in the top trims and come down to all the variants when the customers are ready to pay more. We will discuss about few of these new auto technologies. Also Check about BMW i8 Price in India Visit:

Automated Manual Transmission

The AMT cars are a new type of cars with new type of automatic transmission without torque convertor or CVT. In the cars fitted with the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) mechanism the driver just selects the gear as per the requirement. The engagement and disengagement of the clutch and the shifting of the gear lever are done using electronic controls. The Maruti Celerio, the Alto K10, the Tata Nano and the Tata Zest are some of the AMT cars of India.

5 Great New Advances In Auto Technology

Stop-start technology

The city cars face the problem idling at traffic congestions and signals. A lot of fuel is wasted when the engines are idling. By stopping the engines and restarting when the clutch is engaged a lot of fuel can be saved. The stop-tart technology is the feature of all modern cars especially the Hybrid and Electric cars. The Volkswagen is the first company to try this technique in Polo cars of the Europe in 1983. The Stop-start technology includes the use of brake force energy to recharge the batteries.

Reverse Parking Sensors and Cameras

The sensors fitted at the back of a car will measure the gap at the back while doing reverse parking and give alarms when the distance is unsafe. If cameras are used for parking assistance they give pictures on a display screen. Nowadays these cameras give cross traffic pictures also so that the driver can take the vehicle out off a parking lot safely.

Automatic Head Lights

The modern head lights are automatic. When the road ahead is dark they take a high beam position. When there is sufficient light or there is light ahead from an incoming car they get dimmer. Depending upon the slope and curvature of the road the motorised head lights change the direction and height of the beam.

GPS Navigation

The GPS system fitted in a car receives signals from at least 3 Geo Positioning satellites at all the times anywhere on the earth. This gives the latitude and longitude of the location of the vehicle in a navigational map already available with the system. The driven can plot the route to the destination using this location. Shortest routes, alternate routes and traffic position etc. are also shown in these maps.

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