Quitting drinking seems like a negative for some just from the thought of going through withdrawal, especially one as serious as the one associated with alcohol. This isn’t taking into consideration the social aspect of alcohol intake that a person feels like he or she is missing out on. However, there are actually many benefits of living a life without alcohol that range from enjoying people’s company to sex.

  1. Enjoying People for Who They Are

With alcohol, you never quite get to know what a person is really like since the alcohol alters his or her behaviors. By spending quality time with people without liquor, you’re getting an opportunity to learn who they are, and they can learn who you truly are. You get an opportunity to go try new things and enjoy the world around you as opposed to sitting in a dark bar or cooped up in your house. You’ll even have the opportunity to remember what you do if you spent time drinking until you couldn’t remember.

  1. Reconnecting with Those You Pushed Away

For some, there isn’t a social aspect of alcohol consumption. Instead, they isolate themselves away from others in order to indulge. This pushes friends and family away, but when you stop drinking, you can regain closeness with these people.

  1. Health

Alcohol takes away so much from your health, especially with your liver. Ending your alcoholism will give your liver a chance to heal. Plus, if you weren’t eating properly, you have an opportunity to resume healthy eating habits to combat deficiencies because they can lead to a number of problems including lethargy, hair loss, depression or achiness, just to name a few. You’re at risk for a great deal of health conditions when your drink excessively including liver disease and certain cancers.

  1. Self-Esteem

Sometimes, it’s hard to look past your addiction to realize that you are more than your addiction. The time you spent drinking may have taken away from your appearance because you just didn’t take care of yourself. Because of all the sugar in alcohol, it has the potential to lead to weight gain. You may have opted out of exercising, which could have made matters even worse. You now have the ability to put down the alcoholic beverage and exercise. Plus, you won’t be hungover, so you’ll have more energy to exercise. You have the opportunity to forgo on the liquor to start dressing cute again and doing things to make yourself feel better. If you lost your job because of your habit, it’s an ideal time to start over and find a new job. You may want to decide to go back to school and do an entire career change.

  1. Sex Life

While you may think alcohol is an aphrodisiac, it really isn’t. In fact, it can lead to issues with keeping an erection, and it may lead to an ability to achieve orgasm. This can affect both parties negatively. Plus, if you’re too wasted, the sex might be a bit sloppy. When you’re not drinking, you have the ability to enjoy sex because males can achieve an erection and have it last longer. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy the emotional connection with someone much more when you’re not inebriated.

  1. Money

Drinking can quickly become an expensive habit quickly. This is especially the case if a person is combining drinking at home with going out to bars and clubs.

  1. Your Appearance

Alcohol will cause you to bloat and gain weight. You may have a vitamin deficiency as a result of not eating right when you drink, which can lead to your skin and hair not looking as radiant. Your face may become puffy, your eyes may sink and your skin may age prematurely.

  1. Not Living with Regret

When you live without alcohol, you have the ability to make your own decisions without any altered state of thinking. This means you won’t have sexual encounters with people who you never would have wanted to sleep with, and you won’t drunk dial your ex repeatedly. You’re completely in charge of your own life once again when you quit drinking. Keep in mind, you may have been embarrassing more than just yourself when you were drinking. Take into consideration how your kids felt watching their mother stumble around and slur her speech. This is especially the case if you did it in front of your children’s friends.

  1. You’ll Sleep Better

You might have relied on a glass of wine before bed to get you to sleep, but it actually hindered your sleeping. On the other hand, you may have spent time partying when you should have been getting a good night’s rest. The sleep will help you to concentrate better, and you’ll feel better in the long run. It will even help your appearance.

  1. Increase in Productivity

It’s hard to get everything you need done completed when you’re constantly taking breaks to have a sip of your mixed drink. After you become intoxicated, you’re more than likely not cleaning your house and taking care of all of the responsibilities that you should have been taking care of.

Not drinking seems like a difficult step to take, but it is well worth it in the end. You’ll be able to compare your life to before quitting and after you quit and see the many improvements.