Several years ago I was working in a job that consumed my life. My days were long and what I had left of my evening was usually spent at corporate events, and taking out clients. It was my life. Until one day I realised this wasn’t for me anymore, I missed having spare time and a social life outside of work colleagues and clients. The London life was dragging me down and I felt it was time to get out.

I’d always wanted to set up my own business but the fear of failing always got in the way. After all I had a high salary job in London which kept me financially safe. But after a while even the financial perks couldn’t keep me there. It was at this point I decided I needed to pursue my dreams and take a risk.

I grew up not too far from Cambridge and it has always been a special place for me. A place that I could vision myself living and maybe one day raise a family. But that’s a little too far into the future so let’s just skip back a stage here…

I found an enchanting town house in the historic centre of Cambridge which grabbed my heart, I handed in my notice and the rest is history! The business is doing great and I can say it was the best decision I ever made.

So why Cambridge?

It’s a friendly place and not to mention absolutely stunning. I adore the architecture and the general way of life. I start my morning by heading out to my favourite coffee shop to pick up an espresso and a croissant, I then stroll past a row of quaint boutiques and head off to office. It’s peaceful and I can tell you one thing I’m glad not to see every morning and that’s the entrance to Victoria tube station.

It’s cheaper than London for central office space. It goes without saying, London is extremely expensive especially if you’re in the early days of your start-up. It made sense financially to get out of the capital and set up somewhere with lower rental prices. I hired a great commercial office space in Cambridge which comes fully equipped with all the amenities I need. It’s also right in the centre so I can hop out quickly for client meetings, and another coffee!

It’s booming with tourists which means there’s a lot of money and a great economy in Cambridge. It’s rare that you’ll see the city on a quiet day, it’s almost always bustling with oversees visitors.

I have more time to spend with friends and family as I usually leave my office around 6pm which means I have the whole evening to catch up with old school friends who live close to the Cambridge area. I have no commute, just a short walk to my new Cambridge abode.

It’s close enough to London without being too close. I can still dip into the big city when need be for meetings, but I’m relieved to come back to charming Cambridge every time.

There are great networking opportunities as believe it or not business does exist outside of London! There are lots of different meeting groups and events you can get involved in which is great for start-up business like myself trying to get the world out there. It’s also a great chance to meet new and interesting people.

There are some amazing restaurants here, with an eclectic mix of cuisine. It seems there’s a new food outlet popping up every week which is a great for a foodie like myself! There’s also plenty of great bars if you fancy a nice after-work drink too.