Many a times, it has been seen that even after following the process of filing for PPI claim, it has been rejected by the bank. This is because even though the banks have been ordered by the court to refund the money, they do so after scrutinizing the application. You have to make sure that whenever you file for the application, it is thoroughly checked for any errors. Make sure that you submit all the relevant documents along with the application, and have valid proofs supporting your claim.  Here are the few major reasons why PPI claims are rejected most of the times.


  • In case you do not have sufficient documents to prove that you have been mis-sold PPI, it can be rejected.
  • If you make mistakes while filing for PPI claims, it can get rejected.
  • If the claims management company you hire cannot represent your case strongly, the banks might find loopholes and may reject your claim.
  • If the documents you provide are not sufficient enough, the claim can get rejected.
  • If the PPI was sold validly to you after fully explaining you all its clauses, then you cannot make the PPI refunds claim.
  • If you go for making PPI claim after the PPI deadline, it can get rejected.

If you take care of the above factors, there would be no reason why your claim would be rejected. The banks have been strictly ordered by the court to refund the money of the consumers along with the interest, and if your claim is valid, you would surely get your money. However, you have to follow the claim process accurately and ensure that you understand the guideline for claim process set by the bank. That is what would ensure swift approval of your claim.