To be precise, web development deals with the creating, building and maintaining websites. The concepts of database management, web programming, web publishing and web design are widely employed. The web developer should prepare the code which aids in the effective functioning of the website as per the client’s requirements. It includes almost all the non design aspects of websites building. Before you go in search of a web developer course in Delhi, take time to go through this.

Importance of Web Development:

The web site stands as an interface between the firm and the customers. The business activities and performance are largely dependent on the functioning of the website. If your firm has to survive in the present market, then you must have an efficient web site of your own. A good website can increase the potential of the firm in terms of its marketing and interaction with its customers. It provides every detail of the product and guides the customer in making a good buy. When you decide to have a website, then these are things to be considered strongly:

  • Know how much it costs you. If you plan to assign the work to other firms out there, it can cost you too much. If you prefer to do it yourself, it would be time consuming.
  • You should be completely aware about the happenings in this process.
  • Get to know what tools will be required to build a good website.

Typical Activities of a Web Developer:

  • You need to be good at programming and write code as per the requirement.
  • Plan new applications and create their prototypes. Be familiar with various components of the application.
  • Test the application in various browsers and sites.
  • Depending upon the test results, identify the errors and fix bugs.
  • Catch up with designers, programmers and get to know about your progress.
  • You have to build and maintain database.

Career Options:

If you are a skilled web developer, the following roles are designed for you:

  • Web administrators: A web administrator plays a vital role in the executive team. Apart from being technically sound, you must also have management skills and leadership qualities.
  • Webmaster: The content in the website, the style and quality of the site are handled by the webmaster.
  • Web programmer: If you a web programmer, then it will be assumed that you are technically sound, when it comes to hyper text markup language. This essential to convert the programming code into a visual page. You can change the style and insert images into the webpage.
  • Web application developer: as the name suggests, you have to develop an application.  As a developer, it becomes your responsibility to estimate the resources and technology required to design, develop, test and maintain an application.
  • Web publisher: the work nature and activities are similar to that of a desktop publisher. If you are someone who is very new in this field, then the company expects you to take up this job. You can enhance your basic web page skills in this profession.
  • Web server developer: The responsibility of analyzing, maintaining and developing the web site architecture is taken up by the web server developer. You have to get updated with the recent trends and develop applications.

The author is a web developer, who is closely associated with over the past few years. He has trained many young people in the field of graphic design and helped them to achieve success.