Jewellery isn’t just a fashion choice. When you choose jewellery to wear, you don’t just pick something to accessorise your clothing. You reveal something about yourself – you tell the world a few things about your personality. But what does your jewellery reveal about your personality? Here are a few personality types matched with the jewellery they wear.

What Your Jewellery Reveals About Your Personality

Fun-loving and playful

If you are a person who loves to have a laugh and who doesn’t take things too seriously, you are playful and fun-loving. Life isn’t anything to take too seriously and you feel we shouldn’t waste time being grumpy and sad. You are the life of a party and you love to be generous.

You probably showcase this fun-loving nature with your jewellery choices as well. It’s likely you like to wear large jewellery pieces and opt for statement jewellery. You probably love big hoop earrings and thick necklaces that flow towards your waist. In terms of rings, you think the bigger the better. Your generosity shows in things you wear and you probably enjoy gifting jewellery to others as well. When it comes to colours, you like all of them! You wear metals on their own or opt for bright gemstones.


The other opposite is the down-to-earth person. This is someone who isn’t about the spotlight and you like to keep things simple. You enjoy keeping others happy as well, but you are more about finding a balance in your life. The down-to-earth person can favour qualities such as eco-friendliness and sustainability.

This will definitely show in your jewellery choices as well. A down-to-earth person will shop for items from alternative stores and you like buying ecological jewellery, even if the price tag is a bit heftier. Recycled and natural jewellery is close to your heart. You pick bracelets and rings with natural stones; perhaps jewellery in your birthstone. You also like pearls and shells. If you want to be more playful, you definitely opt for something like a shell necklace – natural, yet noticeable. You prefer earthy tones like brown and forest green. You want to add a softness of green or blue to counter the coldness of pure gold or silver. In fact, you most likely prefer bronze jewellery to those two metals.

Traditionalist and family-oriented

Is your family the most important thing to you? Do you like timeless elegance and traditions? If you don’t mind cooking the same meals for Christmas and your wardrobe has a selection of classic items Jackie Kennedy would have loved, you are probably into traditions and family means a lot to you.

If the description suits you, then you are sure to fall in love with elegant and timeless jewellery. You like simple things such as pearl necklaces. You also like simple metal jewellery, perhaps with a single stone such as a diamond. You want your jewellery to look traditional and elegant – nothing too fancy, but also nothing out of the ordinary either.

Perfectionist and ambitious

If you are a career-oriented person and you love to compete and win, then you are probably a bit of a perfectionist in nature. You probably like to keep things organised and you don’t like settling for the second best. If you want something in life, you are willing to work hard in order to achieve it.

Perfectionists and ambitious people also want something extra from their jewellery. They are after that bling, the diamond ring that shows they are serious. You won’t mind spending a bit more money with your jewellery – you probably enjoy the lavish elegant jewellery. If it has a diamond or an expensive design, with an appropriate price tag, then you will want it.

Bold and trendy

You might also be the type of person who loves to be on top of the trends. In fact, you might be one of those trendsetters – the people who know what the next big thing will be before anyone else. You are probably also very brave and bold. You aren’t afraid to dust a few feathers, but you aren’t interested in doing it just for fame and fortune.

If this sounds like you, then your jewellery is bold and trendy as well. You have plenty of items from thrift stores that you’ve found unexpectedly. But you also balance your jewellery with stunning modern items from places like, and you love to spend your money smart. You don’t look at the prices; you want to find timeless items that look the part. You don’t go for a specific style, but you pick the items that fit the current trends and your mood. This could be silver rings or antique necklaces.

Jewellery is much more than just an accessory. In its own unique way, it is a mirror to our souls. You can learn a lot about yourself and other people simply by keeping an eye on the type of jewellery the person wears.