Unless we are building our website on external platforms, such as Blogger.com and WordPress.com; running a website requires specific operating  costs. Many website owners want to get enough money just to cover the operating costs, but some could actually get millions of dollars from their websites. If you are just starting out, the road to your first million of dollars is still long, but making your website profitable should be quite straightforward. When designing our online business platform, we should keep things simple. The simplicity should be reflected on the web design itself. We should know that online users are impatient breed and if your website doesn’t seem relevant and informative, users will quickly close the tab. The navigation of the website should be simple and clean.

The purpose of our webpages should be obvious and clear. When people read our webpage, they should be able to quickly determine what’s the webpage all about. If we are unable to answer this question, then it’s a good time to consider redesigning our website. Even with a simple layout, it is important that users can be directed to the most appropriate places. Things can get really bad if the webpage is badly cluttered and there’s no clear direction for users to follow. It’s acceptable to make our website looks different and unique, but we should avoid becoming too different. If our webpage layout differs too significantly, the learning curve will be steeper and people will be encouraged to leave.

Another things that we should do is to proof read our webpages. People come because they want to get information. Their experience won’t be good if our website is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. It’s among many things that can ruin your online reputation. We should know that there could be cache and historical copies of our website, so it’s important to proofread our content before we publish it. We should also eliminate complex background and optimize images. When placed strategically, images are able to enhance our website. It’s not necessary to upload very large, high resolution images to servers, if they will be opened at smartphone, tablets and laptops that have smaller display resolution. It’s important to use simple simple colors and background to encourage people to stay longer in our website.

Whimsically-selected background and busy color arrangements can make things harder on the eye. We should avoid having background that clashes with the text, because this will ruin the overall readability. Class elegance sells and simplicity is the key. In general, we should design for profit and our overall design will determine our much revenue our website will generate. There should be efforts to implement best practices in overall designs. The website should become an effective and powerful marketing tool. If we don’t know how to create excellent design to maximize profits, it’s a good idea to find web design professionals who are able to implement common online marketing concepts. They will be able to ensure that our website will generate more profit.