The essays are written in many forms and in many several ways, the best ways to express your thoughts and ideas are that you can write an essay about a specific topic. In schools and colleges students have to face different types of essays they have to write in different styles and formats to get good grades and for the purpose of enhancing the skills, the styles of essay modifies with the level of education like at primary level just they are the basic of an essay, but at the university level it is not just an essay it transformed in to the thesis pattern and you have to write it by yourself. It is important to know the basic and have skills to write because if you do not practice to write essays you will face difficulties in the future and it affects your studies and grades. There are five major types and styles of writing an essay but comparison of three types are as follows:

Comparison Of Types Of Essay

Narrative Writing:

The word narrative means a story, a brief description of history of events and it can be a story of interconnected events. These types of essays consist of a beginning, middle and an end. It depends upon the assigned pattern that which types of story you have to write because there are many types of stories also, like for example fiction. The narrative writing consists of the best plotted structure of narration, grammar, punctuation and plot development. But the grading system varies from teacher to teachers everyone have their own style of grading so you have to concentrate on the pattern teaches by the teachers, but the normal pattern of narrative writing is that it consist of descriptive information and details, excessive material and content is not needed in this type of essay. But it does not mean that you will not proof your point because your essay must have to convey a complete sense with a perfect conclusion.

Argumentative Essays:

This type of essay is the most interesting one, because it allows you to take a stance or stand because you have to choose a path that what you have to prove, like you are in favor of the topic line or you are defending it or you are against this. You have to argue on the particular issue o prove your point and every angle and side of the essay. You have to explain what you believe, what your thoughts and ideas explain about the topic. This style of essay gives you a freedom of speech and to express the thought in a better ways by arguing. But the main part is that reader have a feeling that you defended it completely, you have to satisfy the reader by strong argumentation. In this type of essay the person who is writing the essay is free to say anything about the topic and he have to grab the attention of the reader and then impel the reader to agree with his point of view about that issue or incident on which he is writing the essay so the writer must have good argumentation power and his point of view must be strongly defined.

Research Essays:

As the name indicates that it is about inquiring and investigating a topic or anything, the research papers or essays require selecting a certain issue or topic and you just have to do is that research on that particular topic and write your opinions about it. The essay research can be quantities or qualitative it depends on your research strategy. It may include references of from where the content and material is collected or it can be like a list of research.

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