So, one day you decide to charge your phone, but something goes wrong. Instead of winking at you gratefully with an indicator and starting to absorb energy, your phone does not show any signs of life. What happened? Should you just go to Kijiji to buy Motorola cell phone or a new iPhone or there is something you can do to help your device? In this article, we will try to help you.

According to feedback from service center employees, problems with charging are the most common reasons users bring their phones to them. Sometimes it is due to do some serious problems, such as failure of a power supply controller, which requires a replacement of components. However, more often the problem with a device that does not want to charge can be solved at home. Here is a list of actions you can perform before going to a service center.

1. Remove any debris, dust and sand

If you do not part with your smartphone for a moment, if you carry it in the pocket of your jeans, then sooner or later in the charging slot of a gadget, there accumulates so much trash that it will refuse to charge. Therefore, first carry out a visual inspection of USB-ports. Then blow it out with a can of compressed air and gently clean it with the bristles of a hard toothbrush.

2. Replace the cable

The next weak link, which must be checked is a USB-cable. Their lives are often full of trials and hardships, which is why it is not surprising that some of them can die without warning. The easiest way to check if the problem is with the cable is to take a working cable from another device and connect it to your gadget. If the problem persists, proceed to the next step

3. Test the AC adapter

A charger is also often not a source of problems. We are talking about that very small box, which goes into a socket. First of all, touch it to check the temperature. An overly hot adapter, as well as an overly cold one, can serve as an indirect sign of a breakage. Make sure the cable connection socket is working properly, and clean it if necessary. Also, try to find another power adapter suitable to your phone

4. Buy a new battery

Modern technology has made batteries much more tenacious than ever before, but still not permanent. Every battery has a life span that is expressed in the maximum number of charge and discharge cycles. If you actively use your gadget and it is already a few years old, it is likely that the battery life is running out. Things aren’t very good, though, if your phone does not support a battery replacement. In this case, you will have to pay a little bit more money to get your battery replaced. However, if you phone is rather an oldie, you might want to check out the online calculator to check price for Motorola phone or some other cutting edge device.