PSP means Progressive Supra nuclear palsy. In this disease the brain cells degenerate and since this is progressive there is just nothing you can do about it. There are many researches going on over this subject. But no cure as such has been found till date. PSP refers to the problem of the neurology. Thus a neurological surgeon has to attend. But as mentioned earlier, there is no cure. The only thing is there should be a few things that can help to manage the disease. It is important that when you are having any such patient at your home, you take help from someone. This is because the patient will get dependent in all means when this disease would progress.

What are the Symptoms of PSP?

The symptoms would start with gait and balance issues. But in most of the cases, you will see that you will come up with the things like misdiagnosis. In most of the cases, the problem is not diagnosed rightly. It is said that it is Parkinson’s. But this problem is one step ahead and is progressive too. If you are looking for the symptom then you will see that there would be some issues with hand and eye coordination/. Apart from that you will also come across the frequent falling problem. There would be problem in speaking and swallowing. Also, the eyelids would not move too much and there would be less blinking. Again as the disease progresses there would be severe issues in swallowing liquids.

It is Vital that you Take Good Care of Patient

What’s the most important thing is that the patient should be taken care of very well. There would be a full time person you may need for help. This is because the person would become completely dependent sooner or later. In most of the cases it is believed that it takes a decade for this disease to spread and then make the person completely degenerated by brain. The person can think. But he cannot emote and talk properly. There would be growling voice and this would sometimes irritate the caregiver too. But one should maintain good levels of patience.

It is believed that one out of every 10 patients have this problem. This is really quite pathetic. Just make sure that as and when you see someone with such symptoms you keep empathy for them in your heart. You can even go through the link .

There was a time when such diseases were rare. But now due t the stressful lives and some unknown reasons, these diseases are quite common now. Even though this looks like an old age disease, it can even happen among the middle age population. So, everyone should be careful and see to it that when there are simple things like balance problems and all, they should not be ignored. One should take medical help as soon as possible. This is something to be kept in mind.