What is Surfboard?

A surfing board is an elongated platform which is now made up of polyurethane or polystyrene foam covered with layers of fiberglass cloth, and polyester or epoxy resin. The effectively made surfing board is used in the sport of surfing.

These Surfing boards are relatively light weighted and strong enough to support an individual standing on them while riding a breaking wave in the sea. Not only they are strong and less weighted, they are also buoyant and maneuverable like js surfboards Australia.

Features to check while Buying a Surfboard

Depending on the features mentioned below, the board you are going to select will help you to paddle easy against the waves, to catch the waves and to change direction accordingly, to float your weight and to fit your height in.

  1. If you are a new surfer then choosing a long surfing board is the best choice to go. The board should be minimum 9 feet long or more. This will help you tackle the waves that arise in the sea, since you are new to it.
  2. The volume of the board is the next thing to check while purchasing them. More the volume of the board, then it is easy for you to pop up and ride on the wave without slipping.
  3. You also need be sure about the width and thickness of the surfing board you are selecting. It is better to choose a boat with width about 20 to 24 inches towards right and thickness about 2.5 to 3 inches.

Types of Surfboards

There are various types of surfboards available to the surfers and few among them are

Fun board

This type of boards falls in the middle of the long board and the short board type. It is wider and longer like a long board as well as styled like a short board. Thus it is lighter and offers better maneuvering like popular long surf board designs.

Long boards

These types of boards are the oldest ones which were used by people to ride on the waves, in the year near 1960. They were long as well as wider and heavier when compared to today’s trendy boards. These boards suit any type of weight as well as controls speed movement.

Short boards

These types of boards allow the surfer to control wave and its motion better when compared to other boards. It offers great deal of speed similar to the long boards. This helps the surfer to see the movement of the waves and to turn and cut back more rapidly. This type of board is the best partner for well trained surfers with sound experience.

Hope, you are now clear about the available types of surfing boards for you beginners!