You might have rooms to safeguard your expensive belonging but what have you prepared for yourself during sudden natural calamities? You must have heard about safe rooms, they are specially built to stay protected at the time of emergencies. It is essential for almost every resident in Arkansas to build a safe room that will protect them during disasters.

A safe room can also be called a panic room that is specially built to resist during strong winds so that families can stay safely in such rooms. These tornado shelters are designed with more specifications and consideration so that they can withstand during emergencies and disasters. These safe rooms are not affected even the entire house gets damaged.

Here are some factors about safe rooms you will be needing while installing it in your house.

What All You Need To Know About Safe Rooms

Material type

When you are deciding to build a safe room in your house, the first thing you need to consider is the type of material you should use. It is the main factor that is responsible for the sturdiness and durability of t5he room. There are enormous material options in the market that are especially for safe rooms. This includes reinforced concrete blocks, poured reinforced concrete, welded solid steel and many more.

The specific place

You can build the safe room any specific place in the house. Although, garage and basement is the most common place where the panic rooms are built. In case, you want a safe room outside of your house, then make sure it has been built using stronger material that will ensure the utmost safety. A safe room in and around a house can consist of approx sixteen individuals.  


When it comes to constructing a safe room. It should have a space that is easy to access. Also, the door of the safe room should be built with solid doors with even more stronger lock. They also should have the deadbolt and strong hinges. Also, if you have children with you, make sure they are away from doors.

Keep a cell phone

Apart from construction, you also need to make sure that you are having a cell phone with extra batteries and strong connectivity. It is the most helpful tool to get the help from specific organizations. Also, food, water, and first aid are the prominent essentials that you should keep with you in the safe room.


Safe rooms are not cheap to build but extremely essential to ensure the safety. When you are investing in building safe rooms, it is surely a great investment for you. There are tornado shelter companies in Arkansas that are reliable in installing a sturdy yet durable safe room in your house.

To Sum It Up

A tornado shelter or safe room is essential for every homeowner in order to ensure the utmost safety of his/her family. This was a brief information about the safe room.