Weddings are the best of all celebrations and let’s admit it, the preparations before a wedding are the most fun. Whether it is choosing the right outfit, or finding the perfect ring, there is something to shop for on every front. The best part about wedding shopping is the sheer range of choices one has to pick from. The jewellery shopping for the bride is like entering another world, especially when it comes to the array designs available. From a tiny ring to a heavy necklace, every purchase is preceded by a careful discussion between the bride’s friends and family.

Keeping in mind the hustle bustle of the wedding season and the extensive preparations before it, Wedding Jewellery in Delhi have found a way to provide newer and different patterns when it comes to jewellery. From the latest designs to more traditional ones, jewellery designers have found the perfect balance of the chic and the conventional.

A wonderful idea and a great trend that has begun nowadays is that weddings have started seeing more and more of beautiful diamond jewellery. Not only has diamond jewellery replaced the heavy and out-dated gold corsets that were called jewellery, it has also managed to find the perfect blend with gold and other semi-precious gemstones. Jewellers the likes of Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers South Extension have managed to come up with one of a kind jewellery pieces that not only bedazzle occasions, but also add uniqueness to an event.

Weddings: The Time Of Glitz And Glamour

The newest arrivals in the showroom are the perfect amalgamation of creativity, splendour and novelty. If you don’t believe us, have a look yourself!

  1. Interwoven diamonds

A bracelet that can make heads turn and breaths stop, it is blended together with trillion and round cut diamonds. In the shape of a fancy pear, it is set in 14k white gold to match its elegant style.

  1. Diamond spirals

Distinct from other earrings with their generic patterns, this pair is in the shape of ear cuffs, crafted in 18k white gold. Interlaced with Marquise cut and small round cut diamonds, it is a lovely sight to behold. In a wedding, it can do wonders by balancing that heavy lehenga you’ve been overthinking about with its subtle style.

  1. Crystal party

Capturing the colours of the rainbow and more, this crystal ball of hues is a fun-piece. Studded in 18k white gold, the diamonds are intermixed with a bright motley of precious pink, orange and blue sapphires. Set in a micropave setting, it is a refreshing change from the other designs. Matched with plain colours, it can give some serious zing to your ensemble.

  1. Embracing delicacy

With soft colours and graceful diamond, this bracelet is set in 18k white gold and studded with round brilliant cut diamonds and precious pink sapphires. The sapphires add an irresistible charm to this piece. If worn with semi-traditional wear or plain Indian wear, this bracelet can be the highlight of a subtle outfit. The pomegranate-like drops only add to its grace.

  1. Sunshine

A wedding has many occasions and some of them are day events. Heavy jewellery not only looks jarring in daytime, but can also give a tawdry effect. This piece has the right amount of gold in it. Set in 18k white gold, it is a beautiful blend of white and yellow diamonds, designed with an intricate style in a channel setting. Now, even in the daytime, one can be appropriately bejewelled!

  1. The king of all rings

It is a fact that in weddings, one is constantly looking for new styles and trends that can set one apart from the other. This magnificently crafted ring, to be worn in two fingers, is set in an 18k subtle rose gold frame, with fancy Marquise diamonds. Henna dipped hands now have more than one reason to rejoice.

So, gear up for the upcoming wedding season. It is the time of gleaming eyes, beautiful designs and sparkling jewellery. And the jewellers of India are here to reign. Nothing is set in stone anymore in fact the stones are set in different frames, adding glamour in every little design.