What is Reseller Hosting?

A lot of web hosting companies offer reseller hosting services. In reseller hosting, the account owner rents out a proportion of their allocated disk space and bandwidth to third parties in return of a profit. Basically, the owner buys disk space and bandwidth from a parent web hosting provider, and then ‘resells’ it to multiple end users for a price above that what the owner had to pay. In short, the account owner becomes a web hosting service provider for the end users.

Although most web hosting customers do not seek to earn profits by reselling a portion of their accounts, reseller hosting deals usually offer more disk space and bandwidth than the traditional accounts, as well as additional benefits that they may not be able to get from other hosting plans.

Reseller hosting has a number of advantages for reseller account owners. Let’s look at a few of them:


Low Cost

With reseller hosting, you can utilize many features similar to a dedicated web server, but without the added expense. Reseller plans are usually low-priced and quite affordable for businesses with limited financial resources. Owing to their low cost, these plans are ideal for businesses having multiple sites that they want to run simultaneously. Instead of paying $24.95 per month separately for three different sites using different hosting plans, for example, it is much cheaper to pay a single monthly amount (e.g. $24.95) for all the three sites.

Additional Features

A large variety of features is one of the benefits of reseller web hosting. Depending on the web hosting company and the type of hosting package chosen, you get many additional features that you may not have with traditional web hosting. Many web-hosting firms offer features such as WHM and cpanel, monitoring tools, option to resell domain names, as well as greater disk space and bandwidth.

Source of Income

Reseller hosting offers an opportunity to account owners to earn profit by renting out a portion of their accounts. If you are not using the entire sever space on your reseller account, you have the option of putting that idle space to better use by earning on it. Thus, reseller hosting is a great way to increase revenues of a business.

For companies that have not yet ventured into reseller hosting, it is a great and affordable option to earn profits and increase revenues with little increase in costs. However, if you are new to this field and do not have much experience, reseller hosting may not be the ideal option for you. In case a problem arises, you will need technical support from experts of an established web-hosting firm.

Also, you should do sufficient research before settling on a reseller plan. You need to find a plan that matches your requirements, and it is advisable to review different plans of different web hosting firms. I’d recommend checking http://www.irdb.com/reseller-hosting/ to find a list of the top reseller hosting services. Out of these, don’t forget to check out HostGator Reseller Hosting, one of the most favorable reseller hosting plans.