A New Trend Of Adorning Your WebpageWith the increasing number of websites on the internet these days, we see the evident flashes of competition in almost every website pertaining to a particular genre. Now how do these web designers maintain their place in the competition? Well, the answer is simply by doing something ‘out-of-the-box’.

One such idea has given birth to Flag counter which is gaining popularity with every passing day. Flag counter is a segment which you can easily create on the website by the name of flagcounter and you will get your Flag counter on your desired webpage.

How does this Work?

It is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is create your Flag counter for free on the aforementioned website. Once it’s installed, you will get to see a small box with flags of different countries on it on your desired webpage. So if a person from India visits your webpage, you will get to see the Indian Flag on your Flag counter.

Merits of this Application:

Flag counter is beneficial for people who are concerned about the visibility status of their web page. For instance, Flag counter would be a delight for a budding writer or blogger who has just created his own website or blog. He would be delighted to see the number of flags increasing everyday as more people across the globe visit his webpage.

Flag counter is a very convenient way to portray your webpage as a global one. You do not need to put a disclaimer on it for everyone to know that your content is being read globally. The flags of different countries will do the talking for you.

Moreover, you also get to see the number of page views in a day, week or month, whichever you prefer to choose while creating your Flag counter. This piece of information is quite an enlightening one for you in terms of your profession. For example, a person writes an article about the environment and posts it in his website. And on his flag counter, he gets to see that the page views are substantially more from France than from Sri Lanka, he would get to know the prevailing field of interest of a particular nation at that point in time.

So when the time comes for this writer to approach big companies who would be willing to publish his work, he would choose a French company over a Sri Lankan company, as the topic of environment was accepted with much more gusto by the former nation.

A New Trend Of Adorning Your Webpage

Having said that, flag counter in not only meant for professional enhancement. It also enriches your personal profile. When people visit your profile and get to see that you have visitors from all over the world, it naturally leads them to believe that you are quite an interesting personality. You would get to make new friends on the basis of the fact that you are already acquainted to many people across the globe through your webpage.

Pros and Cons:

Despite being a great application, flag counter has its limitations too. You cannot expect to see the flags of every country on your flag counter. Not all the nations have been added so far. But do not despair, as the team, who is in charge of creating and maintaining the website, is working on it. They have stated that very soon there will be some new additions.

To make up for the deficiency in the number of national flags, they have also included some state and provincial flags, especially for the United States of America and Canada. So if you are from Ontario, Canada, you might as well get to see a visitor from British Columbia, Canada on your page. Or if you are from Utah, a person from Omaha might just drop in to wish you a ‘good-morning’ on your page. Isn’t that a delightful experience?

The best thing about flag counter is that you do not have to pay anything to get one on your page. These days, many companies are taking care of the visibility factor of various websites. It has even come to our notice on networking sites like Facebook that a certain company is giving you a guarantee to increase your profile views in exchange for a certain amount of money. These payments are mostly referred to as ‘subscription fee’ or ‘membership fee’. Well, with flag counter, you can rest assured that there will be no charges and you will not be bothered with any kind of unwanted expenses.