Christmas can be a pretty stressful time of the year for both men and women. There is so much pressure on us all to provide the kind of Christmas all the family will enjoy, that come the big day, we are too tired to enjoy it to the full. Make sure things are different this year by enjoying some time in your hot tub.

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Of course a hot tub alone can provide a great way to relax but if you take it a step further and add a good quality aromatherapy product to the water it will help even further. Spazazz have a great product that goes by the name of the His and Hers Collection with tempting fragrances such as Romance, Fire and Ice, Poker Night and Celebrate. Containing moisturising botanicals to hydrate the skin, your senses will be soothed by the different aromas.

As an alternative you could try the Wellness range of Moisturising Fragrances in perhaps lavender or chamomile to help you relax, or spearmint or tangerine to uplift your spirits.

Perhaps you feel the need to detox before you begin to over indulge in festive food. In that case you may want to take a look at the Spazazz RX range and pick the detox variety. Spazazz include various vitamins in this product which will help to replenish the body and it’s also available in a stress therapy variety and energy therapy too to boost your depleted energy levels.

One of the most important ways to remain relatively stress free is to make time for yourself, so set aside an hour of two several times a week if you can and do something just for you. Even reading a book or taking a short walk will help, just make sure it’s something you enjoy doing.