Legally, both parents are claimed to have the same chance at winning a custody battle. It has nothing to do with either of them being a bad parent; rather, one is considered more financially stable and a capable source of guidance in the child’s life. For a father, there is a lot of pressure because he is often left with minimum visitation rights or none at all. Some of the things that a father can do to ensure that he is the primary caregiver of his children are written below:

Have Proper Documentation

The first impression a father has to make on the court to get sole custody of his child is to prove that he is willing to do whatever it takes. It begins with having complete documentation beforehand. The court requires official papers and a negligent father might start off with a bad impression. To learn what documentation is needed and to get exceptional guidance, get in touch with a lawyer.

Good Etiquette and Excellent Behavior

A father, who genuinely wants custody of his child, is required to keep his behavior and etiquette in check. The court judges the behavior of the individual and how he acts when he is frustrated or upset. Divorce is a difficult time, especially for parents, so it means there are chances of emotional outbursts. If a father wants to make a good impression on the judge and court, he is required to possess utmost control and refrain from outbursts.


To dress properly is a key to the trial. It makes the impression of a capable, responsible and an active individual as opposed to a lazy and non-serious one. If a father enters the court in casual clothes and shoes rather than a suit and dress shoes, then he might immediately be ticked off as ‘undignified’ or a crude person. A man who makes the effort to look professional for an important hearing is often not questioned on his priorities and on what he considers important. Hence, follow the cliché of the first impression being not just the last but also the most vital.

Child’s Best Interests

A man who wants to gain sole custody of his children is required to give evidence of why his spouse might not make it as a sufficient guardian. This should be done carefully, especially since emotions run high during a court proceeding. If old grudges and complaints are brought forth, then the argument might be considered malicious and leave a negative mark on the reputation of the father.

If he is willing to show his former partner hostility then the court might not think of him as the favorable parent. Hence, it is best to keep things impersonal with the child’s interests at heart.

Having a strong father is important for a child. Unless the case is extreme, a court always prefers him to have a role in the children’s life. If a father wishes to gain sole custody of his children then he needs to know that he has a challenge before him.

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