Chatting and joking with colleague, The may not seem like more than pleasant distractions at the office, But they could have an enormous impact on your work life. We spend an average of eight hours a day on our workplace. It is best to get along with your colleagues. But can we really build a sincere friendship at work? Working life is made ​​of hierarchy, competition, ambition, power relations… It is a priori not the ideal place to create and maintain a sincere friendship. So friendship at work, too many issues?

Why we are looking for Friendship at Work?

This is natural: all human beings seek to socialize, even at work. We spend more time with our colleagues than with our family, and we share with them the stress, disappointments, setbacks, but also the goals and victories. Faced with all these professionals worry, friendship seems essential to survive at the office!

The friendship at work is a tricky thing. The workplace is supposed to be a place where you separate the professional skills of a person of his inner personality. When one becomes friends with a colleague, mixing the two and we become more vulnerable professionally.

Friendship at Work: under what Conditions?

Take Time

Friendship at work implies caution and vigilance. It would not be readily reveal your privacy to your colleagues under the pretext of friendship. If you’re not sure of their state of mind, it could work against you. Wait for it to see how the relationship evolves.

Beware of Manipulators

It is not always easy to know who you are dealing. Give her/him friendship with a colleague, it’s become more vulnerable professionally. If you leave your working relationship penetrate your intimate sphere of ‘false friends’ might try to use it to harm you. The challenges of the working world are not those of privacy.

Export Friendship Outside

If friendship is true, it will extend out of the office. Have a simple relationship of respect and complicity with a colleague is a good thing, But that does not mean that you would be willing to spend your entire vacation.

Ensure in Case of Conflict

Promotion, Transfer or simply a competitive situation. And if suddenly you friendship deteriorates? When a conflict occurs, it is important to clarify your relationship as soon as possible. Ask your limits, and eliminate harmful relationships.

The most important is to build a satisfying social life outside of work. Friends, family, spouse, If you are ever fired, you will not have the impression that everything stops.