According to a recent research survey, an estimated 71 percent of all moms work outside the home. Some of these working moms are married and others are single, juggling one or more children with a career plus the other responsibilities of daily life.

With these statistics in hand, it is no surprise that the “mommy makeover” is an increasingly popular post-childbirth surgery choice for busy moms today. Being a mother guarantees having less time for self-care, and adding a career or part-time job on top of motherhood duties can reduce available personal care time down to almost nothing. Many moms just don’t have time for proper meal planning or to exercise regularly when they are busy taking care of a family, and in some cases, serving as a family breadwinner.

Treat Your Body To A Mommy Makeover After Childbirth

What is a Mommy Makeover?

The mommy makeover was designed to combine several popular cosmetic procedures into one surgery. This reduces recovery time and helps busy moms get back up on their feet as fast as possible.

The mommy makeover can includes the following procedures:

– Breast augmentation.

– Breast reduction.

– Breast lift (mastopexy).

– Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

– Liposuction.

– Thigh lift.

Body Concerns a Mommy Makeover Can Address

No two bodies will respond differently to the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, and it is often difficult to predict in advance what types of issues may present after labor and delivery.

However, many new mothers notice changes to their body that include stretch marks, sagging skin, excess weight that can be difficult to lose, sagging breasts, unwanted fat deposits in certain areas such as thighs or waist and other concerns. A Mommy Makeover can address these issues in one comprehensive surgery.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The best Mommy Makeover surgical candidates are moms who are in good health overall with a positive attitude. It is also important for candidates to be able to take some time to recover fully before resuming a regular full schedule of daily activities, including work and family duties.

Candidates should also have a long-term post-surgery plan in place. This plan should include a healthy diet, proper rest and hydration, physical activity and exercise, all of which will ensure the best results of the Mommy Makeover surgery.

Preparing for Mommy Makeover Surgery

Candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery should first schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. The consultation should include an overall physical evaluation which can help them decide which procedures to include in their personalized surgical plan.

It will also be important to block out a period of time for the post-surgical recovery time in advance. Some candidates decide to hire extra help for the household and childcare while they recover. The good news is that by combining all of the desired procedures in a single surgery, the time when extra help may be needed should be minimal.

The Mommy Makeover surgery continues to be popular because it can uniquely address the time limitations and body issues experienced by new and working moms everywhere. With this surgery, moms are able to return to their daily lives feeling more confident and vibrant as mothers, spouses, and professionals.

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