Teeth are natural ornaments of human face, giving shape, charm, proper contour and above all aid in chewing and speaking properly. So, teeth are cosmetically and organically important for human beings. While, we don’t think beyond the chewing purpose of teeth, we must understand that having a lovely smile is something that everyone of us deserves. Health and clean teeth make other person comfortable and also gives us confidence during a conversation . In addition to benefits of teeth, if we talk about the problems that arise due to lack of teeth we get a gloomy and unattractive picture of human life.

A person who has unhealthy or missing teeth gets embarrassed while laughing; he cannot laugh whole heartedly. His speech slurs due to missing teeth and he also faces other complications.  Teeth are not regenerative, except if u have milk teeth! Fortunately, these days we have some advanced dentistry techniques that can replace and rectify the teeth in our oral cavity.

One of such techniques is applying  dental bridges in place of missing teeth. Dental bridge is a trusted method of restoring the oral integrity and getting back other benefits that a person has lost due to missing teeth. Dental bridges, fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth and give natural look.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth and are going for dental bridging procedure, here are top 5 benefits that you will get after treatment with dental bridges.

1. Dental bridges restore the smile in a natural way

Smiling is a valuable human instinct, it gives good impression to strangers and draws your loved ones more close. If you have some missing teeth, you may be hesitant to smile but applying dental bridges can give your natural smile back. Dental bridges are very natural looking, so you will get your attractive teeth back.

2. Application of dental bridges gets back facial tone and shape

Teeth are very important for maintaining natural shape of face, a person who has lost his front teeth, especially old folk, has sunken area between nose and chin. Facial muscles and jaw bone change over time due to missing teeth, So, dental bridges will restore your facial shape and prevent facial changes.

3. Dental bridges help in preventing and curing TMJ disorders

Temporo muscular joint is responsible for overall movement of our jaw bone and due to missing teeth, the muscles controlling it and the joint itself gets weak. People who have missing teeth, often chew on other side and this uneven chewing causes strain on the joints that can lead to TMJ disorders and bite problems. Using Dental bridges will again restore your normal chewing and prevent TMJ disorders.

4. Dental bridges restore your proper speech

Teeth play a pivotal role in articulating words, when speaking our tongue pushes with back of upper front teeth, thereby, producing proper sounds. One or more missing teeth can result in distorted pronunciation, so, applying dental bridges will restore your proper speaking ability.

5. Less invasive and economical

Dental bridges are less invasive-causing less pain or discomfort, than other dental procedures. This procedure is even the most economical as well.

Dental bridging  is natural looking, tooth replacement technique, when an expert cosmetic dentist finishes the procedure no one can even imagine you ever had a missing tooth.