Every Indian dreads to call the service centre and avoids till the time it becomes absolutely necessary! The endless waiting on the line, complicated dial codes, calls being passed on, disorganized information, inadequate follow-ups and that scripted robotic voice has been on every Indians list of things they hate about reaching to call customer care helpline number.

It’s pretty easy for all of us to come up with a list of things that we as customers hate about reaching out to call customer care helpline number but what about the people on the other side of the desk who are sitting with their head phone in place just to receive constant calls regarding complaints and queries.  What do they hate about us as customers? How do they deal with it? What about the stress that building while dealing with such negative calls throughout the day?

Its tense the number of emotions they would go through during just one call! For instance the screen shall beep and the moment the customer care helpline employee opens to say hello, an angry customer might be screaming about the defeat of the product without even discussing the model or any other details for that matter. At a moment like this, the employee would just get annoyed with the customer because he or she isn’t giving him the information he needs to help the customer! Further, to calm the customer down as they control their own temper is a tough task. Once the customer is calm and settled and then putting their thinking caps on and resolving the problem and saying bye to a happy customer involves the employee to go through an emotional roller coaster ride with each call!

Thoughts from Behind The Head Phones

So yes not only there are thing that customers hate about calling customer care helpline but there are a couple of things that the individual receiving complaints by customers who call the service centre, hate, learns and relearns!

First, would be abuses and threats that are very difficult to handle politely with a positive attitude. Further, the top management towards whom the customer fury should be directed towards would never understand but just walk away asking to deal with it! Well, maybe, the top management needs to re-read the phase that “treat your staff as well as you want them to treat your customer”

Moreover, at times the consumers are quite unreasonable in their demands. Thus the one art that the employee need to have is to make the insane consumer who reach to call the service centre, feel cared for and right.

Further, the company culture plays a major role. If transparency of facts and ways is something that the call customer care helpline number promotes then there might be a number of instances when the honest and transparency can cause you to sacrifice sales. Transparency may at times further irritate the customer to greater heights which is completely pathetic! Then again, there are few rationale customers who do respect the fact that the information wasn’t twisted and given in deceiving ways.

But the most irritating sitting behind the desk is when as an employee in the customer care department goes through all the pain, put the customer through best of experts and use all their resources to solve the problem of the customer who call the service centre but still fail to solve it and say bye to a happy customer.