When creating DIY projects including the use of foams, it’s important not only to find a foam gun that is safe and suitable for the job, but one that applies foam in an even and perfectly distributed manner. Thankfully, there are many foam guns on the market to choose from that can give a fantastic finish for any DIY job, however big or small.

A high quality professional expanding foam gun can apply polyurethane foams precisely to any surface and to the smallest of areas. The best foam guns are highly robust and can be made entirely from metal for a strong and durable finish. They also allow the foam to be applied into small gaps without any drips or mess. The five components of a foam gun are a nozzle, pin, trigger, lock-off screw and inlet valve.

Using the Foam Filler Gun

Even simple foam guns can work very well as long as the flow control is progressive. It is this precise control that is the secret to perfect application. It is easy to master the controlled usage of the gun foam flow by using gentle pressure to release the foam, and in an expanding foam gun, the foam many fill the nozzle as soon as the canister is screwed into place. However, the foam will only be released from the nozzle of the gun when you pull on the trigger.

Remember the first squeeze of the trigger can be delivered in an uncontrolled burst, as the trigger cannot yet regulate the flow. This means it is best to direct the first squeeze onto a test surface or into a refuse sack. The gun contains polyurethane filler and a propellent to help the mixture be released under pressure from the depressed trigger.

DIY Uses of Foam Filler

Foam guns can be useful for many types of DIY project in the home and garden. One important usage is for cavity wall insulation, while other usages include sealing up draughts and foam as an adhesive to secure things into place without the need for screws and nails. Foam fillers expand to fill any gaps and can bond to each of the surfaces, making the area with the filler air tight. Foam filler also acts as a moisture barrier and avoids condensation.

Single Use Canisters vs Foam Guns

You can buy single use canisters of foam filler which are often disposable and the whole can should be used in one go, but these are difficult to use and control the foam flow. A professional expanding foam gun acts as a reusable applicator where the canister attaches to the gun and can be closed off for further use in the future. This gun is a great choice for giving absolute control over the application of the foam filler.

With careful and practised use, a foam filler gun is a safe, affordable and highly efficient way to apply foam filler to any surface to fill gaps, bond surfaces and provide insulation.