Giving and receiving gifts is always fun, whether you are looking for gift inspiration for your date, or gifts to give your daughter or son as parents. Helping to commemorate the occasion is well received, no matter how much is spent on the gift. Here we bring you some recommendations for prom gifts.

Photo Album

In this day and age, we usually just flick through pictures on our phones or social media. As prom night is such a special milestone, it definitely deserves its own photo album! It is a gift your teen or date can keep forever, and can look back on.

Customize the album by imprinting their name and prom date on the front of it, then after the night help them print pictures and fill it together. As an added extra, why not put in a digital camera or polaroid? For their prom evening, they can take pictures with this instead of their smartphone and make special pictures they can treasure forever.


Jewelry is another special gift which we keep for many years, and can be passed down the generations. If your ladies are wearing long prom dresses, a classic gold pendant necklace would match nicely. Another idea is to purchase pearl earrings or a ring with their birthstone or to match their prom dresses color, this is personal and will be a smart gift to get. If your ladies are wearing short prom dresses, her legs are likely to be on show, why not choose a delicate anklet for her to show off! She will get to accessorize with your gift at her prom, and also wear it after for other occasions. A lot of thought goes into jewelry, so it will be much appreciated!

Flowers and Corsage

It is tradition for a date to give a corsage or boutonniere for prom. Girls typically wear a wrist corsage with a flower, and boys usually choose a single flower (boutonniere) that is attached onto their suit. Its best to purchase the corsage a couple of hours before the event so it is fresh. Flowers are a great gift from anyone, they are always well received.

Pampering day

What girl doesn’t love to be pampered? As the lucky recipient is getting ready, surprise her with a pampering day, either at a local salon or spa. Leave her feeling like she is ready to walk to red carpet, and spend bonding time with her too!  If she already has her appointments booked in for her hair nails and make up, why not surprise her with an unwinding and relaxing spa day, with massages and a facial. After such a hectic week of preparation and then the actual prom day, she will definitely be grateful for some relax and unwind time!

Most importantly, remember it is not the value of the gift that matters, but the thought that has gone into it. Prom gifts are gifts they will remember and treasure forever, so take your time and choose something personal and heartfelt.