While buying diamond jewelry, budget is a major consideration. Apart from this, the features of the diamonds play an important role in making a decision regarding the purchase. Buying loose diamonds instead of the ones already set in to make jewelry pieces can help you save a considerable amount of money. However, while buying loose diamonds, it is important to consider few essential factors. Few of them include:

Purchasing from reliable diamond dealers

Purchasing loose diamonds from reliable diamond dealers can ensure best quality diamonds and save you from overspending. The following factors may be considered while choosing diamond dealers:

  • Choose dealers that have affiliation with international institutions.
  • Select dealers who are members of well known boards.
  • It is advisable to purchase loose diamonds from dealers who possess membership of some recognized clubs for diamond dealers.
  • Select dealers who deal in certified diamonds.
  • Choose dealers who adopt a transparent work method.

Check prices

Before buying loose diamonds, it is advisable to evaluate current market prices. This can prevent you from overspending on your purchase.

Diamond shape

Diamonds are available in a variety of shapes ranging from round, trillian, radiant, marquise and princess. A shape may be selected according to individual preferences. Round cut diamonds are generally more expensive than the other shapes as they are made from high quality rough diamonds and also involve removal of large quantities of the material during cutting. Other shapes usually cost less than the round cut diamonds.

Carat weight

The carat weight of the diamond forms an important consideration while buying loose diamonds. While some people may prefer bigger diamonds, others may choose high quality discreet ones. Generally, diamonds lesser than 0.5 carat weight is placed in the small category whereas above 1.5 carats is termed as big ones. The selection of the size of the diamond may depend on the shape and size of the hands of the wearer.

Diamond color

Diamonds of grades D, E and those with F ratings are considered to be of the highest quality and are termed colorless. These diamonds are generally expensive. Lower quality diamonds or Z grade diamonds have a yellowish color and are more affordable. Gabriel jewelers deal with the highest quality colorless diamonds of the highest grades.


On the basis of clarity, diamonds are categorized as flawless (FL), internally flawless (IF) and imperfect (I1-13). The other categories include slightly imperfect (S12) and very slightly imperfect (VS1). The highest quality of diamonds is of ‘FL’ and ‘IF’ grades and they are more expensive than the other grades.


Cut refers to the crafting of the diamond in a way that it disperses and reflects the captured light. The cut of the diamond reflects the efficiency of the cutter as it requires usage of various proportions and angles to reflect light. On the basis of cut, diamonds may be categorized as poor, good, very good and excellent. In case these grades are not mentioned then the polish of the diamond may be considered.

Diamonds require substantial amounts of investment. It is hence advisable to consider a number of factors in order to buy the best quality diamonds.