Employment lawyers are specialized in dealing with the matters of a business and the individuals who work for the business. Toronto employment lawyers create a balance between the two parties and help to benefit them with proper use of the employment laws.

History of the Employment Law

Employment law was first introduced as a result of industrial revolution of in Britain. The exploitation of the workers was very high during the revolution and there arose a necessity to regulate the work hours to help the employees. Although, many workers rebelled against such exploitation the government felt the need of solid law that can help to deal with the problem forever. According to a De Bousquet Lawyer Toronto, the laws that were introduced helped the workers immensely and preserved their rights of limited work hours and appropriate wages. Sometimes, the lawyer would act as a bridge between the company and the workers so that the problems would not get out of hand and see to it that justice is done.

Role of the Lawyer

Any employment law firm Toronto would suggest some basic functions of an employment lawyer, which are found anywhere around the world and deal with the laws concerning employment. Here are the basic aspects that need the attention of lawyer.

Contracts– While hiring an employee, an industry or company must state all the rights and conditions to the individual in the form of a work agreement. The contract should give precise details about the duties of the individual, monthly salary or annual package, facilitation of holidays, etc. These contracts should be clear and there should be no ambiguity. Toronto employment lawyers would help the company to prepare a contract based on all the rules and facilities that an employee must accept before joining. Any breaking of rules or features mentioned in the contract by either party can lead to a legal case.

Policies– Any company cannot stand on the policies that were initially built. There would be many changed in the law and the company policies should also change accordingly. An outdated policy can act against the benefit of a worker. In turn, the worker can go against the company for still using outdated policies. This could harm the reputation of the company and the court would ask the company to pay heavy compensations. Therefore, poorly written policies should be eliminated with the help of an employment law firm Toronto time to time.

Health & Safety – A company should take care of the health of the worker and ensure to provide safety standards. Therefore, the company should maintain a clean environment and should not ask the employs to go into a place where there can be certain infections or diseases. If complained by a worker the lawyer can take action against the company and look for compensating the worker or workers.

Workplace Discrimination – Lawyers initially try to suppress any discrimination present in the company to maintain the reputation. However, if there is no chance to stop people to discriminate an employ for many reasons that violate human rights the lawyer will deal with such cases.