Many people spend large sums of money on buying athletic shoes. Trainers are mainly worn for athletic activities. They are designed to enhance your performance and protect your feet from undue damage. There are plenty of different kinds of trainers in the market today. Companies have created exclusive brands and models and charge very high prices for their trainers. Many companies such as Nike and Adidas introduce limited editions that are very expensive.

Many teenagers spend large sums of money in order to enhance their personality and create a distinctive look. Because they are so rare, most limited edition models are often considered to be a status symbol. However, what if you are not willing to spend a considerable amount of money on your trainers? What if you are looking for a nice, comfortable pair of athletic shoes that will allow you to partake in your favourite sports activities? They need not be expensive either. Many people look to buy cheap trainers that can last them a year or so. They don’t really have a preference about the brand as long as the shoe looks cool and is comfortable. Here are some of the best trainers that you can buy today.

The Nike Air Force 1 “Navy”

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

The Nike Air Force 1 Navy design is one of unique models that the company has introduced. Designed for casual or athletic wear, this trainer is available for less than £100 and will go well with a pair of jeans or shorts. Nike shoes are generally renowned for their chunky soles and their oversized profiles. This one stands out from the lot due to its iconic design and style. The shoe not only features a simplistic black pattern on the grey base colour, but the white sides, the iconic ‘swoosh’ and the laces perfectly complement this pair. This pair of shoes is perfect if you are looking for something casual and comfortable.

Nike Roshe Run

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

The Roshe Run from Nike is a trainer that is designed for maximum performance. This pair of shoes will last you a long time as long as you only use it on the track. The Roshe Run combines the company’s modern running tech and stylish design in one shoe. The mesh cover around the feet perfectly protects them while still allowing the shoe to “breathe.” Not only does this prevent sweating while you run or jog, but it also prevents the shoe from stinking. The Nike Roshe Run does not really have a very exuberant design (unlike many of the company’s other models). However, they are designed for performance and functionality. Whether you like running on track or field, the Roshe Run is a perfect choice.

Supra Hammer Run

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

Retailing for around £65, the Supra Hammer Run easily falls under the affordable category. Even though Supra has only recently burst onto the scene (the company was founded back in 2002), many of the company’s new models offer superior performance at very affordable rates. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that has a very lightweight sole and is breathable, the Supra Hammer Run might be a great choice. The black and red design perfectly looks sleek and stylish, and the high-quality build speaks from afar.

Puma Arial Evolution Silhouette

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

Puma is one of the world’s largest sports companies. Puma shoes are famous for their stylish and sleek cuts, and high-performance capabilities. The Puma Arial Evolution Silhouette is one of the company’s most iconic designs. The shoe was previously introduced back in the 1990’s as the R698. However, the company has completely reworked this model and now introduced modern tech into the mixture. The use of foam, mesh and microfibres creates the perfect trainer for people who want something that performs well. This is a pair that will not let you down. Whether you run on the field or even track, the Puma Arial will protect the underside of your feet and make you light on your feet.

Reebok LX 8500

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

While they may be priced on the higher side (£90), Reebok shoes stand in a league of their own. Over the years, the company has received recognition for creating shoes that not only look good, but perform exceptionally well. If you are looking for a pair that will last you a long time and is designed for maximum performance, this might be it. The LX 8500 contains a Goodyear rubber tread for increased performance on the track, and the precision glue bonding allows the shoe to perfectly wrap around your feet. You can also spot the glue marks around the helm of the shoe.

Adidas zx750

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

The Adidas zx750 is a classic that was originally introduced back in the 1980’s. The newer model has been reworked using the company’s latest technology. The company marketed this pair due to its high build quality (simply holding the shoe in your hand will make you aware of its robust build). However, many people complain that Adidas shoes are often a size small. Therefore, it is always worth trying the shoe before buying. If you are buying this pair online, make sure you buy from a website that lets you return the shoe in case the size does not fit.

Nike Air Pegasus 89

The Best Trainers That You Can Buy

The Air Pegasus was first introduced 25 years ago. Today, it has been reworked and re-engineered and comes fitted with the company’s latest technological enhancements. Made using mesh panels and suede, the Nike Air Pegasus 89 allows you to run very fast without damaging your feet. The shoe has a sloping Phylon midsole which literally puts a bounce in your step. If you are not a runner, you can easily pair these with stonewashed jeans and a light T-shirt.

There are plenty of other cheap trainers on the market that you can buy as well. Rather than spend so much money on a shoe, make sure you look for models that will last you a longer period of time.