When you think about it, you’ll understand that your life is filled with small, precious moments of enlightenment. Often, deep insights crop up in your mind from a story that you friend narrates or in a book, movie or a poem that strikes a chord with you. But sometimes it’s even something you see on the street or perhaps even a TV series.

Whilst Breaking Bad might teach you about limits of loyalty and pride, The Sopranos would walk you through the wake of pain caused because of hanging on to emotional scars. But the most popular TV series “Suits” will educate you about business and social confidence – through the iconic fictional character of Harvey Specter.

Specter is an appreciated attorney acknowledged as “the best closer in New York City”. Not to mention, the mantra ‘What Would Harvey Do?’ is worth keeping in your mind.

In this article, we’ve enlisted 4 lessons one can glean from Specter to boost your social status, although these traits would do little for your soul.

The Way You Present Yourself Replicates Your Outlook

When you dress sloppy, your notion immediately turns out to be ambiguous and deceptive. But, when you dress sharp, it puts your mentality under the positive light and your thoughts become clear and accurate.

As they say, you’ve got only one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Not to mention, the way you present yourself is the vital path towards success. Your appearance has a direct relationship with the way others perceive you.

If you want to earn people’s respect and them to take you seriously, then you must learn to respect yourself first and dress up according to the standards of your self-worth. What else could be a good place to start other than an elegant timepiece?

No Matter What Is the Circumstance, Always Keep A Level Head

Getting worked up and emotional in difficult times will do you no good! As the phrase goes, “There is no point crying over spilt milk”. Put simply, when you act upon a stoic outlook, it puts you a step ahead of the 99% people who react to circumstances instead of taking control.

It is said that ‘pressure makes diamonds’, but sadly it’s true only for those who do not allow pressure of any circumstance get to them.

Similar to Specter, you must know how to control your mind and keep a level head during difficult times. Are things not going the way you’d planed them to? Then ask yourself the mantra, “What would Harvey do?”

Drop your emotions, focus on yourself and come up with a solution. Bear in mind, staying calm during tough situations is what helps the strong to stand out from the weak!

Stop Complaining About Issues, Instead Fix Them

Do you wish to be an appreciated employee? Well, if such is the case then you better start fixing issues rather than wasting your time and energy on describing them to your superior.

What would Harvey do? Will he walk into the room and whine about the problems? The answer is HELL NO! Instead he’d spend his time in a constructive way looking for solutions to the issue. He’d make use of the issue as a chance to stand out from the crowd. And guess what… THAT is the sole reason why he’s a partner in the law company.

So, the next time you face a situation at work, better don’t whine! Burn up that mental energy to come up a bang on solution and fix the issue. By doing so, you’ll stay ahead of others!

At Times You’ve Got to Break the Rules to Achieve Your Goals

Rules aren’t natural; they’re, of course, manmade! Once you understand that a person, no smarter than you’ve made them, it opens up a world full of possibilities. Do not break the law. But rules, well you could surely bend them to achieve your life goals.

Rules in social situation or in your job are mere guidelines.

Perhaps, you’re taking your client’s Will to their family members or a business plan out to lunch. Your work rule states your budget is around $100 for drinks and food, but the plan would stay for a few more drinks and you feel you can close the deal.

What is more crucial? Signing the client or going over the budget? Well, simply bend or break the rules as per your needs!

Harvey Specter might be an awful therapist or clergyman. But, for action-taking businessman or aspiring lawyers who look at him as someone to aspire to, he is a textbook of exactly how to act!