If you are involved with digital marketing, you must have heard the name of Instagram, which is a very effective platform. Businesses can use this platform to grow their network in a very fast manner. Here are some effective marketing tips with the Instagram:

Customized Link Shortener: This feature of Instagram helps in tracking the traffic easily. From your Instagram account, the data can be sent to Google Analytics. But unfortunately, it cannot provide the accurate data. Therefore, it is always advised the links are shortened where the url is used in the profile details of the Instagram. It will help you in checking the amount of total clicks which are transferred to your website. Try using different links for different landing pages for creating a successful marketing campaign.

Combine Photos And Videos:  Your posting strategy can be combined with both photos and videos. The videos are definitely considered to be three times more effective than written posts including the inbound links. Instagram can be used for increasing your traffic and to engage your fans properly. It is very useful as it tells a story in a manner so that it actually brings life to the story. You can add humor content in your videos with the easy video editing tools. You can record scenes with click on buttons or can upload videos which are previously created.

Guide Your Users With Important Content:  Your users must be redirected towards your valuable content. Through Instagram, the advertisers can easily include clickable links in their posts. But in the photo description section, you will not find the clickable links. To solve this particular problem, you can redirect the users to your blog or homepage, wherever there is valuable content. If you have any doubts regarding this process.

Hashtags in Trend:  Try to take advantage of the trendy hash tags. Choose topics which are relevant as well as trendy in nature. You can also take help of emoji, which helps in the search process in the Instagram.

Sponsored Ads: You can leverage the sponsored ads easily with the help of the paid features. You can use single or multiple ads in the timelines of the users. The brand awareness can be provided with an absolutely new dimension by focusing on the target audience. The demographic study of the target audience must be done properly so that the users remain engaged with the attractive posts.

Attractive Graphics:  The graphics must be created in such a way that the users would like to share them. You can include an inspiring quote or designing tips in your content to make it attractive. Images must include appropriate hash tags and detailed descriptions. This will result in increasing the traffic very easily.

Co-ordinate with Influencers:  If you can co-ordinate your work with the Instagram influencers, you can highlight your products in an innovative way. If you can line up your products with the influencers, you can expect an increase in the brand awareness.

Sponsor Posts:  For obtaining huge exposure, you can use sponsored posts as one of your strategies. If you compare with other advertisement platforms, it can be considered as the cheapest depending on the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). An individual can easily run several accounts like fashion, sports, nutrition, and many other niches.

The Instagram platform is continuously upgrading so that your business can get additional benefits. The features and the tools can help you in improving the marketing strategies so that you can obtain more out of it. You can apply all of the features or few of them, which suits your marketing needs appropriately.

Author Bio:  James Lawson is a renowned Social Media Marketer who works in instamacro.com. In this article, he is providing some valuable suggestions for using the Instagram for increasing your online traffic and ultimately the business.