You have finally decided to go the ecofriendly way and install a solar panel in your house. When you were researching about good solar panel companies, this thought would have definitely crossed your mind whether solar panels would prove their worth in cold or cloudy weather.

Solar Panels Are An Effective Device Suitable For All Weather Conditions

Performance of Solar Panels during Cooler Months

Solar panels work when the photovoltaic cells from the sun get converted to electricity. So, you need plenty of sunshine for these solar panels to perform to the best of its capabilities. During winters or on a cloudy day, the efficiency of these panels drop down to one fourth of its capacity.

This again depends on the climate, location and of course the type of solar panels you invest in. Many of the good branded solar panels come with extended features that can help to generate more electricity even in the worst climatic conditions. Again here, you might need to shell out extra money to get your hands on such models.

Solar panels work on overcast days by:

  • Harnessing visible light even on the cloudiest day. Even if there is no sun shining overhead, visible light can easily penetrate through the clouds
  • Infrared lights have longer wavelengths making it easier for the panels to harness its electrons

Power Cuts and Solar Panels

If you live in and around Los Angeles, then power outage is a common scenario. So, if you are skeptical about whether solar panels are an apt choice here, then you will be delighted to know that solar panels work even when there is a power outage, if you are not sure how you want your solar panels to be placed, then you can make use of Los Angeles solar map to your neighborhood.

Here you can zoom in to your home and see whether your roof is suitable for solar panels. Another benefit of using these maps is that you can easily use these to estimate how much money you get to save using solar panels.

Solar panels can be useful during power outage, only if you have a backup. When the panels produce electricity, they get absorbed into the grid. The amount of electricity generated is monitored and recorded onto your electric meter. If there is excess electricity, then these can be used to power up your home during power cuts.

Supersizing Your Solar Panel

If you are looking at boosting up your electricity capacity, then you might consider adding more solar panels on your roof. One small doubt that might be triggering at the back of your mind would be how these solar panels hold up to extreme weather conditions? Good quality solar panels are designed using tempered glass.

These glasses are known for its sustainability to withstand hailstorms, heavy snow storms and rains. Such solar panels are extremely safe and need to be installed with extra hardware mounting components. Very little maintenance is required. You might need to inspect the panels twice or thrice a year to check for debris or dirt.


Solar panels are completely natural and do not pollute the environment. You need not have to worry about fuel cost or wastage that might occur while using solar panels.