You do not wish to ruin your kid’s childhood by restricting them into the four walls of their bedroom. You will surely want them to develop their skills naturally by learning something new every day.

It has been observed that active kids have good traits right through their initial days. They quickly learn to crawl, walk, communicate, socialise and interpret their surroundings.

Thus, there is no point keeping your kid away from the real world, in fact, give them the liberty to enjoy and learn on their own. For this purpose, you may have to take certain additional efforts like child proofing your home.

This way, you can supervise your child and let them explore new skills on their own. Listed below are some of the smart tricks to childproof your home-

  •      Air Quality

Often, it has been observed that children are kept in a closed room which does not have adequate air circulation. A child needs fresh air to breathe in just like adults. In fact, a smelly home has a poor vibe. Besides, poor air circulation results in settlement of germs, allergens and dust.

There are chances that your child may get allergic to some of these particles. Plus, breathing in impure air can cause diseases like asthma, respiratory disorder, etc.

  •      Train your pets

Although, your pet may be friendly but there are chances that they might carry various germs, parasites, salmonella, etc. Your pet might be living with you well before your baby’s arrival, but there are chances that they can be a cause of harm to your child. Since the baby and pet both are new for each other.

Besides, pet belongings may constitute of harbour bacteria, so it is smart to keep them at bay from your toddler’s reach. If your pet recently had a flea treatment, then it is advised to give your pet medication at night so that fewer germs are transmitted all through your house.

  •      Plants! Plants!

Indoor plants are the best source to breathe in fresh air and smell around your home. If your kid feels pukish or sick in their presence avoid them. You can always plant them back once your child is old enough to water them. Instead, you can decorate your house with colourful pebbles or marbles and artificial plants or flowers.

You can also install radiators as they constantly circulate warm air in the room and it smells good. Summer is considered to be the best time to install new radiators! However, it is good to take guidance from experts as they suggest you the best model as per your consumption.

  •      Right windows

You surely might have heard about kids pushing themselves on screen and getting hit by it. Kids have a tendency to run here and there, and in that flow they hurt themselves. To avoid such instances in your house, you can simply put some climbable furniture where your kid can climb it rather than hurting them.

Do not forget to install metal window guards as they ensure safety. There are different types of windows some open from the top while others from their halfway point. So, choose the one that goes well with your home décor and also your personal choice.

They should also protect you from any damage.  At times, cords on horizontal and vertical blinds can be choking.

  •      No-shoe zone

If you have a kid who is learning to walk or crawl, then you definitely should follow a habit of keeping your shoes out. This way, your kid will stay away from shoes. Besides, keeping your footwear outside means you are keeping germs and bacteria at bay.

Your kid is prone to various infections if they are habitual to put each and every object in their mouth.

  •      Lids

It is important to cover almost all boxes like blanket boxes, garbage cans, toy trunks, etc. with lids. This will help you to keep your home clean and maintain them well. Also, your kid is less likely to directly come in contact with them or attracted towards it.

You can always ask your friends and family for their suggestions from their very own experience. Following the above tips will help to keep your toddler safe and ensure healthy growth.