Many people see it as a strange fact that a large percentage of the media excitement in technologyland is focused around tablets. It might be because tablet computers are the most up to date gadget in the always changing technology land or simply because they are smaller and lighter; however you look at it tablet computers are all over the place. However the first question that should be asked is, do consumers really need them? Are they really necessary, can they do anything other than merely allow you to do the odd bit of online browsing whilst lying around in your living room and are they not merely a very clever marketing exercise? Why not stay with our good old laptops? Are the really any different than cheap laptops which cost approximately the same? This article will give you 7 reasons why they are not.

Reason 1: Laptops are constructed to be tougher, stronger and more robust.
Tablets do offer the possibility of protective covers and cases (if you spend money on them) but even if you get these protective cases and covers the fact is that tablets will be more at risk of breaking. With unprotected screens and a weaker build tablets have none of the robustness of most cheap laptops.

Reason 2: Laptop Computers have Much Greater Storage Ability and much Greater Processors.
It will be no great surprise to anyone that when it comes to storage if you are using a tablet or ipad 2, the memory swiftly gets full. If that wasn’t bad enough, there is no possibility of using a memory card that you can plug in for additional storage (at least in most of the tablet devices presently on sale). Comparing them with cheap and modern laptops, laptops offer much better storage capabilities.
As for the processors, again laptops have much better processors and processing power than tablets.

Reason Three: Laptops Offer More Connectivity with multiple connections, extensions and add-ons.
There are a load things that tablets have going for them, but connectivity is not one of those. Unless you only want to connect to other devices using wireless you won’t be pleased with the connectivity of your tablet computer. In comparison, laptops have everything from Firewire, USB 2 and Thunderbolt to HDMI, Bluetooth, DVA & VGI and not forgetting eSata and connection to numerous optical and audio devices such as wireless headphones . It doesn’t stop there however. As well as the usual built-in optical drives nowadays you can purchase laptops that also provide surround sound, dab digital radio, tv receivers and even a freesat recorder.

Reason 4: Tablets are Really Built Only to Work Online.
The reason that tablets don’t have much storage or processing ability is that they are designed with the cloud at their heart. This allows them to be light, but it also means there is not a great deal you can do with them offline, as there is only so much media they can store. No wi-fi? No tablet.

Reason 5: Laptops Are Much Much Better for Editing Media
Assuming that you have installed the correct software, editing your media and documents won’t offer any difficulties for even the most lowly of laptops on the market at the moment. That being the case, if you choose a tablet, you will be limited to a very small choice of options. Tablets are also often unable to handle the full range of media and content offered on the internet; ipads to give one example don’t even allow Flash.

Reason Six: With Regards to Price, Tablets are Much Better Value then Laptops
Finally of course, it comes down to price. With laptops featuring so many extra features it seems odd that you are able to get a competent and well-priced laptop for almost the same price as your tablet computer. Are tablets really worth having when a laptop will cost approximately the same?